The end of the college entrance examination, the webmaster should seize the opportunity

2008 national college entrance examination has ended most (except some special area), from June to August, the college entrance examination is always hot topic, from the end of June 7th on the first day of the exam, go to Baidu search on the college entrance examination related are hundreds of thousands of millions. So, we should not act immediately, add some of your site on the topic of college entrance examination.

actually has stood at the entrance on the eve of friends to do, which is to flow? From this place for the regular site, even more so, who can grasp the users search trends, who will be able to quickly get the flow, then is the number of dollars.

provides several key words in Baidu search volume more here for your reference, if you feel have the ability to do up, know you can bypass the station too popular keywords yo, long tail word can do:

college entrance examination answer queries about 50000 daily search volume

college entrance examination in the query, daily search volume of about 76000

how to expand or to their own hands and brain, act now. Original address:

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