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The promotion of

website is nothing more than a few ways, big scare who have said a lot of a lot, but why we so many people still do not go to the site traffic, website promotion problem worry. In fact, the site should be out of the right way to promote proper operation. A lot of time to spend some money or do not feel bad. According to the actual situation, the appropriate input is also very normal. Below I according to the actual experience analysis of several commonly used methods.

1. Promote the use of soft web site

how to say this, if the use of good results are the best, improper use of the effect is not obvious. If you choose to promote the soft, we must first have a certain writing skills, otherwise the article may not pass the audit. But once the audit. Choose a good platform to promote a lot of webmasters will be reproduced. Such a connection is the delivery of high quality.

2. Spend a little money for the promotion of

some people say that I can’t write an article?. Ha-ha。 In fact, is the use of China labor, to please the person posting. You specify the format of the post, and then write the requirements clearly. Find someone to a popular forum, I said the post is not pure water type. Also have a certain skill. Otherwise it will be deleted from the forum, this method doesn’t spend much money, but even the effect is also good. That increases the anti even, sometimes bring traffic. Basically applies to all people. People find this method I post promotion QQ shopping network the station is to use the.

3. Bidding promotion

I can’t afford it. I heard that cheating is very serious, no money or do not play ~ ha ha.

4. Mom Click promotion

would like to try, but listen to my group of friends that the effect is not very good. In general, the situation is more serious cheating.

5. Other methods

everyone to add it, the method I use is not too much, feel good is 1 and 2, in general, I do love from now more or 1 and 2, which increased the connection and can bring you IP. Hope that we can make the site bigger and stronger.

reprint please do not remove write articles is not easy.

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