Use Baidu post bar to promote the experience of local Forums

I am a rookie, gossip, I would like to share with you today, I use Baidu post bar to promote the experience of local forums.

first step: choose the right post bar

forum Post Bar are generally more specific. For example, I do big Changchun forum, of course, to Changchun, including Changchun surrounding counties, such as nine, etc.. This Post Bar Nong’an is a prerequisite for the effective flow of.

second step: choose the right post.

I generally do not send the theme paste, so that the web site is easy to be deleted. After my practice, the general is the latest post (reply number of no more than 5 people) to reply.

third step: how to reply:

this is the key. Absolutely can not simply send a web site. You have to bring some of the topics related to the content of.

for example. The subject is asked, you can say " come here to see, perhaps have the answer " and then write your web site address.

If you are afraid of this kind of

is deleted, then you can put some slogans about your site (for example, recently I used the 468*60 picture, write, write down the " large Changchun forum for you " JPG pay New Year’s call;) made pictures uploaded to the free space (preferably not your web space then, the address) affixed to the thread, use mapping form of publicity. This effect is very good. I had a lot of, now deleted almost no.


map must be related to the Post Bar theme, such as in Jilin, posting pictures can be written as " welcome to Jilin " then put your website address below the text, a picture of.

Fourth step

, often focus on the post, from time to time.

note that this method should not be used too frequently, every day post bar posted a reply 5-10 enough.

I now use this method, in the early days of the station has brought considerable traffic, and are effective traffic, local traffic, not garbage flow.

I just write so much, please heroes.


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