How to make a cheap net

today to see someone who writes about two 90 twins "mean girls" "bag and Azi" thing, it is said that the rebellious girl blog visited half a month has exceeded 20 million, catch some have done many years in the site, now many sites still rely on, rely on traffic advertising case, the gossip, and even the "cheap" rebellious curry favour by claptrap thing can get attention, of course, if someone can get a lot of advertising organization. And the more "cheap" value.

so, how to make a "cheap" net?

our principle is: we must choose the most cheap on the network segment, hire the most cheap CEO (save money), rent the most cheap office space, all cheap people registered directly. The most "cheap" users have more than four hundred meters tall what "mean girls" ah, FRJJ ah, Simon ah, for he comes to, to their blog design classic space, space inside a nude classic moment ah. The buttocks and breasts in the space, the breast, the kind of fullness. Friends came in, no matter something (ER) nothing (ER) have to flow two pounds of saliva, or the stick that times (ER) nausea, to build a space than "cheap" system, with the basic structure of ZTMNB network, IP is the single day will be a billion. To build a "cheap" speech channel, hair is the most "cheap" at all times and in all countries. Is to highlight a word (ER) – "cheap", all registered users are not anthomaniac young cynic. If you have a little normal thinking, you are embarrassed to greet people.

          you say such a site, a home page BANNER how much you have to sell a day. I think what is twenty million dollars, the cost is $twenty million, $forty million, you do not discount Xiangui, you have to study the psychology of advertisers, are willing to pay twenty million dollars to buy advertising, simply do not care to pay twenty million, what is the success of the enterprise is successful do you know? What do the advertising business, "cheap" do not normal, so we do the slogan (ER) is not the best but for the most "cheap". base net

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