Network – Sheng pole will decline, many will be divided

will be extremely high, more will be divided. The new industry was born in this way! Should we seize the opportunity to do poineering work, it is worth reflection?


today I found a netizen in Le anyp blog. He is a personal blog evaluation value at the same time, accurate positioning and search engine of a search blog! I just take this just in Baidu blog site set up to the top of them. Show the Baidu blog I value 182 yuan RMB. I’ll take one of my students to do online music for a long time Sina blog site, put up a look, only 92 yuan, which makes me on the Baidu blog’s future vision


is now to return to the topic. This evening I suddenly find that anyp in search, Dunsheng feeling: Sheng and will decline, more will be the new industry. So

was born!

today’s search industry can benefit most. The founder of Baidu started its own industry in 98 years. The search model is basically the same as Google. The only difference is that Baidu is devoted to Chinese search, try to master Chinese grammar, so that customers can obtain more effective search experience. This fact and Google bent on doing global search target segmentation out. After a few years, Baidu in China several search competitors in (New Lang, YAHOO, NetEase) firmly occupy the search market Chinese talent shows itself, the head of the transaction. Sina, YAHOO in the search itself was better than opponents (when Sina search years earnings 210Wrmb, Baidu was less than 30Wrmb) but in the latter part of the positioning is too broad, is committed to creating multiple and complex portals. Therefore, some people even said that sina is your chance to send to Baidu.

as the world’s second largest search giant Google, Baidu began to expand when they wantonly into the Chinese market, even a few years painstakingly to purchase shares of Baidu, also difficult to shake the dominance of Baidu in the search market Chinese! Had critics said: Baidu for its focus on Chinese search, constantly strive to master the Chinese used to give the user more profound and effective experience to win customers favor! But Google because positioning is too wide, and the battlefield to the world, so it is difficult to draw a large number of manpower and resources devoted to the study of Chinese grammar and habits. We can also see the focus on small aspects of competitive advantage from


today, the search industry has developed more than 10 years in China, personally think that the search industry in the future should have reached the memorial and the new situation! Now look at Baidu, although it remains at the beginning of the entrepreneurial orientation: dedicated to the Chinese search. But now so many years of development of Baidu. The information contained within the original and is just a little bit? Now the information content can be described as Baidu big amazing! More than prosperity and decline, will be divided. This is our ancient ancestors, China has wisdom! Now Baidu, if still according to the original pace, not for bad I dare not say, it is difficult to have a new revenue growth I >

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