Write the value of soft Wen can receive better results

ago, the author wrote an article called soft Wen played a role not only is the promotion, a simple talk about the role of soft wen. In fact, he points out that the webmaster write text not only plays a role in the promotion, because the soft hair in the webmaster portal and forum grassroots communication platform, and to the owners, so soft Wen also played a communication with other webmasters to share experience and promote two times or even several times the function of communication. So writing soft Wen, a lot of webmaster will do with their own experience and experience of the station related to some of the views of the event in the form of soft text to write out, and in the text with their own web site. This text is easy to be released platform and easy through audit by other webmasters reproduced each other out, so write soft webmaster to embrace the exchange mentality to write their own real experience, will be written into the article, even if well written, labor fruit that is setting you sweat in. Released at the same time and other webmaster to communicate, so your promotion easier to carry out.

soft Wen is to promote, and only communication can promote a wider range of promotion. Therefore, only to promote better communication of soft Wen is a valuable soft wen. Adsense nets admin5.com satisfied that learn to write valuable soft text is one of the basic skills of webmaster daily to need to have. And SEO, promotion planning and other aspects of knowledge than to write a valuable role of soft Wen is no less than the first two. Because the soft is the lowest cost of promotion, spending time and energy is also the least, so write a valuable soft Wen means the smallest investment in exchange for the greatest results. This is his emphasis on cost and efficiency of the grass-roots webmaster. So, how can we write a valuable soft Wen, in addition to have good writing ability and the ability to conceive, also should know what kind of soft Wen is valuable. The author summarizes the following points:

is closely related to real life. This may be related to the event and the webmaster is not related, but with each person’s life is very big. Because the soft Wen is not only to be published in the webmaster portal and BBS, but also published in the blog, other aspects of the community forum, their website and other places. Therefore, the relationship between life, pay attention to hot news events, in order to write the majority of Internet users will take the initiative to read the soft. For example, the recent typhoon, Hu Bin doubles events, are closely related to real life, can according to writing a soft Wen released.

related to Internet news events. Look at the major portals of the blog, as well as the major integrated forum, what news most attention, what kind of Bowen up, I believe the Internet news events and the proportion of the relevant comments are more. In addition to focusing on the station to do, the most concern is the Internet news, because what happened on the Internet are likely to be related to the webmaster website operations. So, the news into the soft, especially the Internet news, will make the soft look more people, the effect is also better.

is closely related to the webmaster events. Needless to say, do stand experience, se>

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