How to do a good job of video promotion and feasibility analysis

The promotion of the

network to become bigger and stronger, we must first ensure that Qinnengbuzhuo insists on doing, the second is active thinking to think, if you do these two points, network promotion is not difficult at all today, Qingdao SEO said network promotion and watch TV on the way, the reason that this idea is just recently encountered such a thing. So together with talk about the network promotion way, make a feasibility analysis.

The method of

network in the promotion of a video promotion method, if you find some interesting video uploaded to Youku and Ku6 this video platform, the video must be done on your ads or website, when users see your video after the discovery of the above URL will not like to open your website, this will lead to a valid IP user. Some people think that this promotion effect is not big, feel more trouble, mainly for video, video, video upload, it feels better to post directly and quickly; otherwise someone feel a little wordy, but the effect is relatively long, good idea, can obtain stable flow. This is the opinion and understanding of the two kinds of people.

if you think this network promotion way is not good, then you should look for the reason. First of all, determine if you upload the video user needs, often search for video, and very easy to get ranked in the Baidu video; secondly, you upload video advertising with video has a certain relevance, such as: you upload a video about how stocks, results are about infertility hospital so, this extension is invalid, even if the user visits your site, also do not translate well. We find these two main reasons, and then its scrutiny, testing, I believe that the flow will be greatly improved.

to see a little thing I’ve been through. In our Qingdao TV station has a 30 minute daily column called "people’s livelihood" lecture, mainly invited well-known experts in the field of medicine in TCM, a column, cure (a bit like Lecture Room the taste), the program for several years, has invited more than one hundred fields. Family, medical experts, by television audiences, especially the old people love to see, my mom is watching the show on time every day. One day she saw a Beijing expert introduces how traditional Chinese medicine treatment of stomach, because my mother perennial cure old stomach, is to go to the hospital to find the root cause. This is just the stomach specialist symptoms with my mother felt so she is as like as two peas, carefully listened, and experts to introduce a traditional Chinese medicine prescription, my mother hurried to find the pen paper work, results of this section has been finished. The second day, she told me this thing, let me help her find this prescription, I said, the Internet should be able to have the video, I go. Because there is an expert lecture, I saw someone recorded the video uploaded to youku. The results I look for ah, the results of the experts on the video did not find a. I’m afraid it’s just that the TV just won’t be uploaded so soon

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