CCTV over SNS use diversification

recently, CCTV for social networking sites such as happy Internet users do some interviews, feedback through the user groups, CCTV expressed concern about social networking sites will affect the reality of social relations.

social networking site will affect the reality of social relationships, become a real obstacle to communication


author has repeatedly expressed his views on the core values of SNS. The core value of SNS is the social relationship attached to the network. Social networking sites will not be available without the need for social networking. Without the skin, maojiangyanfu? Metal tools of the invention is human to better and more labor-saving farming activities, but can not avoid killing some people became the weapon. As the advent of the Internet, to lead people into the era of information technology, accompanied by the development of the Internet in the process of deriving a variety of social problems. SNS also cannot avoid being diverted, some addicted to SNS network users to the reality of the performance of the indifferent, which lead to the degradation ability of social reality. From CCTV survey of SNS users, we found that the use of SNS around the core value of social change is showing a variety of.

a, maintenance, expand social relationships is still the main core of SNS. Any application is based on the relationship, there is no relationship, there is no application.

two, SNS the development of the formation of a large number of individual communities. The creation and sharing of audio and video creation and sharing photos creation and sharing, sharing and so on. Not only is the SNS user to show their own dynamic, and such a large share of resources imperceptibly let SNS have community property. In particular, the deeper the social relationships, the more obvious the attributes of individual communities. The community is based on personal, social network is very complicated, complicated and difficult to deal with, this is the so-called concept of dimension SNS.

three, SNS entertainment. Web games, embedded entertainment applications, so that SNS becomes very easy. To pay attention to the game is the main purpose of SNS is not just to entertain, on SNS, communication means of entertainment and meeting strangers become very easy, the cost is very low. This may be one of the important reasons for the popularity of social networking sites. Boredom is also a social.

four, more and more applications based on real relationships. As a simple example, delivering a resume in a real social network is far more efficient than hiring a website. The charm of the social network is real, effective, reducing the intermediate links. Some carpool information is common in SNS, compared with the previous SNS virtual network, more worthy of trust.

five, highlighting the rudiments of social media. Now there are a lot of SNS on the current news of the vote, discussion, this phenomenon fully illustrates the SNS each node of this network may play the role of the media, making sound, affecting public opinion. A large number of communities that are distinguished by a variety of criteria are also producing a large number of Societies

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