Analysis micro-blog is not really useless

I used to have ten friends around there are nine micro-blog, now only the remaining one or two, and are not so active before, I believe many people have such a situation. This is not a good thing for people to do marketing, and even a lot of people think that micro-blog is now no one to play, has given up or is about to give up micro-blog marketing.


so micro-blog really useless, micro-blog marketing really useless no effect of it?

thin dead camel is bigger than a horse ", I believe these words are heard, yes, now micro-blog basically can use these words to describe. Micro-blog has 600 million registered users, but now there are tens of millions of active users, at least equivalent to a television station, you say, in a TV advertising is useless?

recently micro-blog a fire, or about the article brother. This morning sent an apology from micro-blog, two hours of interactive 870 thousand times, seckill Faye Wong days, even more than twitter on the "strongest self portrait" ox, what does that mean? At the micro-blog two, 870 thousand hours is interactive, interactive, 120 times per second to see, at eight point nine p.m. send it, that is the interaction of at least 200 times per second. Micro-blog is still alive, and higher than ever. Maybe someone will say this

is just a special case, but you want to, ah, this is like a TV show, like, if the program is good, then look at the more people that micro-blog still has a certain value.

and micro-blog can also be described as the most useful, that is, Malaysia Airlines incident, not to say, directly above.


see, micro-blog is not useful?

of course, micro-blog now is not as good as before, but if done well, the same is a great marketing platform. Meizu recently made on the micro-blog M8 flash purchase, booking, payment is completed by micro-blog, which means that as long as you operate well, micro-blog can be turned into a self owned business platform. Including micro-blog to develop a fan service, etc., are optimized in the user experience, enhance the contact and interaction between businesses and fans. And now micro-blog is catching up with the market, I believe that micro-blog will do better and better. A good product, especially Internet products, is not afraid of no user.

micro-blog to do or not to do, it is there, it is the value of our own digging out, not just to see the surface of things. Others do good or do no good, it is the thing of others, and we Never mind, we have to do is to do their own, do you bring him to do.

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