Social media marketing tips from millet marketing case

before we talk about social media marketing, let’s look at what social media is. If you ask someone what is social media, he may give a lot of examples, such as micro-blog, QQ space, Renren, etc.. How do you define social media?

social media definition

social media (Social Media), also known as social media, social media, refers to allow people to write, share, evaluate, discuss, communicate with each other sites and technologies. The so-called social media should be a large number of Internet users spontaneous contribution, extraction, create news information, and then spread the process. The emergence of social media relies on the development of WEB2.0.

above from Baidu encyclopedia interpretation, from which we see that social media is the product of the development of web2.0. It can be said that the development of WEB2.0, so that users can publish their own recommendations on the Internet, from which people share their views, opinions, experiences and perspectives. It can be said that WEB2.0 is much stronger than WEB1.0, so many people are involved in the Internet to share their ideas.

millet social media marketing case


said that social media is strong, but in social media, various contests and sweepstakes promotions, these seemingly simple activities to do fans, double word of mouth is not easy.

Since the

millet company was founded in 2010, every time a mobile phone on sale are a matter of minutes looted. It is said that this is the millet company to learn Apple’s hunger marketing. I don’t comment on this. The founder Lei Jun millet said in a meeting on Internet, millet success is seven words, "focus, extreme, reputation, fast, remember those people Lei Zong say this, many users also put the seven words written in QQ individuality signature. For the success of millet, but millet mobile phone after the price is high, from the marketing point of view, is the main source of total mine is good at social media marketing. The following author from the recent fire red rice mobile marketing to analyze the power of social media.

, in fact, we all know, red rice phone select QQ space starter, and in the past, like meters 2 and M is the official website of micro-blog and Sina reservation booking. Why does the red rice phone in the QQ space starter? I think there are the following reasons. First, QQ space as the highest active social media users, more than 600 million, and Jianjia from the published data, the amount of shared QQ space has been ranked first, although this year in Sina micro-blog, but also not much.

second, red rice mobile phone prices at $799, and according to the data, the majority of users of QQ space is not high income Internet users, this position is just in line with them. Then, 5 million units of red rice mobile phone on sale within 2 minutes robbed empty.

third, marketing, marketing is the secret of

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