WeChat public account micro-blog open reading times, support points like

if you are careful, will find the graphic message page of some WeChat push public account has a small facelift: the date and author information is not public account information is displayed in the same column, but wrap display, and in front of more than a "by", this change brewing a greater function change. If you happen to be concerned about the ride of Tibet, the public account, you can probably guess what the next change is: the title of the article can see each article to read the number, at the same time, at the end of the article can also be the point of the article like, see an article like the number of points obtained.

WeChat public account is micro-blog

WeChat public accounts and Sina micro-blog are a strong platform for media attributes. Graphic prefer long public platform, while micro-blog content is dapper, micro-blog has long weakened the content length differences. Greater difference between the two is that micro-blog is absolutely transparent, the contents of an account, forwarding, comments and points like the number, even the chain is also open, while WeChat public account is veiled, in addition to the basic content do not see any data or other attention conditions. Sogou cooperation with WeChat WeChat search, you can view the content is reproduced (plagiarism), but how to spread in the user side is still unknown.

WeChat has refused to disclose these data, and its past has been weakening marketing attributes. As I had, with micro-blog and Post Bar openly do network marketing business, WeChat is swinging in the "marketing". Mobile social circle of friends, based on public accounts based on the message arrival capacity, based on the topic of driving ability, let it have a strong marketing base. Last year some people overexert, WeChat marketing becomes a business, WeChat, WeChat direct marketing to toss out the circle of friends a cargo, WeChat marketing training these play based on the WeChat marketing to play bad, so WeChat is stressed that he is not a marketing platform, a direct transfer of public service platform marketing values greater than.

this year, WeChat began to change the "marketing" carefully conceal mentioning attitude, it began to accept and support the popular way of marketing. On the one hand, the extension of the marketing of WeChat red envelopes Tencent investment business Jingdong, drops a lot of use. On the other hand, WeChat public account in the fight against encourage forwarded sharing behavior, combined with wide point launched WeChat advertising platform. Also, WeChat can sell the public account. Product of circle of friends squared marketing is actually a folk master think of a way to break the blockade of WeChat, this case illustrates WeChat’s marketing demand is very strong, on the eve of the electricity supplier WeChat will soon promote the marketing function must begin to be filled, WeChat will not be minced.

open reading times, support points, while the recent WeChat public account revision to some users to provide hyperlink function, that is, graphic messages to support jump links. Next, the end of the picture and text messages may be the comment box, comments list, a single button button, voting plug-ins and HTML5 based third party WEB plug-ins. General >

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