Suspect in custody for apparent execution attempt on Berbice man

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedBerbice man shot at multiple times in apparent execution attemptSeptember 28, 2017In “Crime”Berbice labourer found dead on cattle farmJune 5, 2018In “Crime”Cattle farmer killed in Berbice hit-and-run accidentJune 4, 2017In “Crime” Two days after an East Bank Berbice Cattle Farmer’s home was riddled with bullets resulting in him being grazed to the neck by a lone gunman, police have confirmed that one man has been arrested in connection with the incident.Fenton BellINews was informed that the suspect in custody had been involved in a verbal altercation with the injured victim- Fenton Belle, 45,- recently and as such, he was apprehended for questioning.This online publication had reported that on September 26, 2017, at least four shots were fired at the home of Belle in New Amsterdam, in what was believed to be an execution attempt.According to the cattle farmer, he had just walked a friend out of his gate when he noticed someone hiding behind a concrete wall near some bushes in a nearby play field- known as the Stanford Cricket Ground.“The person shoot from in the bushes on the ground, so nobody could see them,” he said.Belle’s homeBelle said that the shots came from inside the ground where the caretaker’s house once stood. He told police that after the first shot was fired, he threw himself to the ground, but the gunman fired three more shots.He noted that one of the bullets grazed his neck as he was attempting to enter the house to call for help.Three spent shells were reportedly recovered from the crime scene.Police in a release said the incident occurred around 17:35h on the day in question. They also noted that an eastern glass window was shattered and four indentations allegedly caused by gunshots were seen on the concrete wall of the eastern side of Belle’s house.Investigations are ongoing. read more

TT guard gunned down at fast food outlet

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedT&T man killed execution-styleSeptember 21, 2016In “Crime”T&T man killed in bar shooting, four others injuredMarch 1, 2016In “latest news”Father, son gunned down in T&TJuly 26, 2017In “Crime” (Trinidad Guardian) Robbers shot dead a security guard at a Church’s Chicken outlet at the newly opened O’Meara Plaza in Arima on Saturday night after they became enraged that they were unable to open the cash register.Grieving relatives and friends of the victim, Kurt Monticeux, 42, of Building 15, Maloney, described his killing as senseless and a “wicked act.”Kurt MonticeuxPolice said at around 7.30 pm two gunmen entered the fast food outlet and demanded money. However, the cashiers ran to the back and locked themselves in a bathroom. When the gunmen realised they could not open the cash register or get any money, they shot Monticeux several times, before making their escape.When the T&T Guardian visited the victim’s home in Maloney yesterday, a cousin said the last time he saw him alive was on Saturday as he was leaving for work.“I saw him right before he went to work because I am a security guard also. He was a real decent person …a churchman who used to go to work and come home,” he said.“He didn’t have any wife or children. He used to live with his father but his father passed away and it was him alone.”The cousin said Monticeux was a talented artist who was well known for his drawings and paintings.A neighbour described Monticeux was a “very nice fella” who was not in any “bacchanal” with anybody.“He never used to interfere with anyone. If I coming up the stairs and I have any bags in my hands he would always help me …not only me but anybody.“We lost somebody really good because the entire building saying they didn’t have to kill him. What they kill him for? They vex because they didn’t get any money so they kill him. We real hurt about it and we are really sad,” she said.Police said they are working on certain leads and are reviewing CCTV footage from the scene. read more

Police Force could soon be stripped of authority to grant firearm

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedOnly Firearm Licensing Approval Board has authority to revoke gun licences, says RoheeAugust 16, 2016In “Only Firearm Licensing Approval Board has authority to revoke gun licences”Granting of firearm licences a customary practice for outgoing Commissioners- PersaudFebruary 28, 2018In “Crime”Ramjattan apologises for recent outburstMarch 5, 2018In “latest news” Following the recent controversy surrounding the outgoing Top Cop applying to, and granting himself approval for a gun licence, the Government has hinted that it could soon strip the Guyana Police Force (GPF) of the authority of issuing firearm licences as consideration is now being given to amending the current regulations.Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud (L) and Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan.Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan told a news conference earlier today (Monday) that he would also seek the advice of Attorney General, Basil Williams on the matter so as to prepare for any changes to be made.Even though the law requires all firearm applications to be sent to the Firearms Licensing Approval Board, the Police Commissioner still has the authority to issue the licence.This was the recent case with outgoing Police Chief Sellall Persaud who issued himself a gun licence and a firearms dealer’s licence, which has since resulted in a great deal of controversy.The dealership licence was subsequently revoked by Minister Ramjattan, who said the Top Cop did not follow due process and that the system must be revised.Persaud on the other hand had claimed that he did nothing unethical as it is customary for outgoing police chiefs to grant themselves a gun licence, stating that it has happened in the past. read more

Motorcyclist killed after colliding with utility pole

A motorcyclist lost his life early Sunday morning after he lost control of his motor cycle and collided with a utility pole in New Amsterdam, Berbice.Dead is Colin Troy Thomas, 21, Lot 51 Stanleytown New Amsterdam Berbice. Based on reports reaching the <<>> stated that sometime about 03:30h, Thomas was proceeding east along Alexander Street, New Amsterdam at a fast rate when he lost control of the motorcycle and collided with a utility pole.The motor cycle that the young man was riding at the time of the accidentHe sustained injuries and was picked up and rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital in an unconscious state where he was pronounced dead on arrival. At the time of the accident, the now dead man was not wearing a safety helmet. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMotorcycle accident leaves pillion rider dead, rider criticalApril 18, 2017In “Crime”Pregnant woman dies in Berbice crashJanuary 11, 2017In “Local News”Banks DIH employee killed after car slams into utility poleSeptember 26, 2018In “latest news” read more

The 200th Joy 4LS shearer caps 20 years of longwalling

first_imgThere were longwall shearers before it and more sophisticated, more powerful machines after it, but no longwall shearer has had the popularity, sustainability and longevity of the Joy 4LS shearer, Joy Mining Machinery reports.Celebrating its 20th anniversary of mining coal around the world, Joy Mining Machinery has rejuvenated the 4LS shearer with the model 4LS20, a machine specifically redesigned for the Russian and Polish coal industries where demand is for reliability, capability and economy.Since first introduced in July 1986 at American Electric Power’s Martinka Mine, the 4LS shearer has mined literally billions of tonnes of coal in seams ranging from 1,320 mm to more than 4 m thick in virtually every country in the world employing longwall mining: the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Poland, South Africa, Mexico, Japan, Norway, China, Russia and Slovenia.Joy Mining continually improved on its pioneering shearer designs, building ever more advanced, more productive machines since the introduction of the first model 1LS shearer in 1975; that machine evolving into the 2LS, 3LS, 4LS, 6LS and, now, the 7LS series of shearers, including the 7LS7, capable of single-pass mining the thickest extraction in the world today.While continuing in their efforts to design the most sophisticated, technologically improved shearers in the industry, Joy engineers also have recognized that the needs and demands of the Eastern European and Asian longwall mining industries were not the same as those in the ‘West’, where the emphasis has long been on larger, more powerful machines capable of producing ever-higher tonnages.In Russia and Poland, a machine was needed with a proven performance record that offered technology specific to their requirements of increased productivity and lower operating costs within existing mine infrastructures. And Joy engineers knew no machine had proven itself in more places, under more varied conditions and over a longer period of time than had the 4LS shearer.Joy already had established a significant market presence in Poland with the 4LS shearer. The advent of Joy’s 1,000 V AC variable frequency drive—OPTIDRIVE—allowed Joy engineers to design into the 4LS shearer a more powerful haulage unit with JNA controls; thus creating the model 4LS20, a competitively priced machine that featured Joy’s high quality-leading expertise but at a slightly lower power than the state-of-the-art JOY 7LS shearers; a machine designed to accommodate the continually developing longwall mining industries of Eastern Europe and potentially China.Joy’s OPTIDRIVE integrates the AC variable frequency drive’s electrical and mechanical systems and its software. Where the motors and drive in the OPTIDRIVE system are designed for each other, Joy controls the technology to ensure a compatible system that maximizes utilization of both components, as opposed to using industrial off-the-shelf components modified for underground mining.The major advantages of AC drives over the traditional DC drives are that more power can be provided to drive the machine in the same space previously occupied by the DC motors. In addition, the brush-less AC motors eliminates the time-consuming and expensive maintenance associated with DC motors and the possibility of contaminants entering the motor when brushes were changed, as was the case with DC motors.A significant bonus to incorporating OPTIDRIVE into the 4LS20 is that those opting for the new design have the benefit of an AC variable frequency drive that is interchangeable with all other Joy underground mining machines: shuttle cars, continuous miners, longwall shearers and flexible conveyor trains, the exception being the software brains of the system that bring unique attributes and advantages to each piece of equipment.As a result of replacing what had been the standard DC haulage on the 4LS shearer with the AC OPTIDRIVE on the 4LS20, Joy allows the use of a mine’s existing 950 or 1,100 V primary voltage source, thus saving the mine operator the additional expenditure of changing the incoming voltage source to 3,300 V. Additionally, the 4LS20 has an increase in total horsepower from 425 to 698 kW, haulage pull from 44,452 to 61,235 kg and total weight from 30,844 to 40,370 kg. At the same time, increasing the shearer ranging arm length from 1,930 mm to 2,362 mm increases the cutting range from up to 2.8 m to 4.3 m.Over the years, Joy incrementally increased the power output from the 4LS shearers. The original model 4LS1 shearer used 26 kW haulage motors, later increased to 37 kW. With the advent of Joy’s AC OPTIDRIVE, the haulage ratings further were increased to 60 kW. Over the same period of time, the cutter motor output on the 4LS series shearers had been increased significantly, from 179 kW to 421 kW today. Eastern European and Asian longwalls often use a 283 kW cutter motor in order to operate comfortably on 1,000 and 1,100 V.Integrating and controlling the improved electronic, electrical and mechanical features of the new 4LS20 is the JNA. JNA incorporates the latest technology of today with the ability to integrate the breakthroughs of tomorrow while creating an evolutionary path for ease of system upgrades to complement the rising sophistication inEastern European and Asian longwalls, including diagnostics, face equipment integration, underground data logging and surface data communication linkage.Combined, these latest advances in the 4LS series of shearers offer the immediate benefits of increased production, improved productivity, and lower operating and maintenance costs with only minimal retraining of personnel to familiarize them with the improved, yet simpler, haulage system and controls while at the same time providing the platform to incorporate tomorrow’s technology. The JOY 4LS20, a unique machine designed to meet the needs of a unique market.Joy 4LS20 shearer delivered to the Raspadskaya mine in Russia.last_img read more

An allembracing system for haul road dust management

first_imgUnified, automated dust management and monitoring systems have traditionally come at a high cost, both from initial setup expenses and ongoing maintenance, however, Cooee Products says it is changing that. Cooee has partnered with Pervasive Telemetry and Kenelec Scientific to develop the Cooee Dust Monitoring solution – an end-to-end hosted telemetry and control solution, which leverages communications infrastructure, including 3G and GPS. The solution combines dust, weather and stock monitoring into a single, transparent and real-time system that is readily available to all stakeholders.As the company that introduced the revolutionary DustBloc dust suppression agent to the market, this was a logical next step. “The monitoring systems partners extremely well with DustBloc,” says Cooee Managing Director Tony Pynsent. “The system also goes beyond dust: It looks at all air quality concerns, including blast fumes. It can give you immediate feedback, thanks to weather integration, of where the fumes are going and whether blasting should continue.”Using the Cooee Dust Monitoring system, sites can also easily see how well DustBloc or other dust suppression techniques are working.When companies are unable to accurately monitor and report on air quality to regulatory bodies, they can be left to take responsibility for dust conditions when they are not at fault, meaning more money out of pocket.Thanks to the Cooee Dust Monitoring system, the information is readily available and accessible through a web browser, including support for mobile devices. According to Pynsent, the information could be made accessible to the government and communities quite easily.Unlike other dust monitoring options on the market, all hardware, firmware, software, reporting and server infrastructure for Cooee Dust Monitoring systems are designed and manufactured to work together. This means that clients no longer need to rely on multiple companies for service and maintenance. The systems provide access to real time and historical information about your field assets, with reporting information gathered for you and stored online.For Prashant Maharaj, Managing Director of Pervasive Telemetry, the fact this solution uses hosted server infrastructure makes is particularly attractive. “We wanted to take away the clients’ dependence on dedicated servers and software, and allow them the freedom of being able to access their data on any web browser,” he said.This is also what sets the Cooee Dust Monitoring system apart from other solutions. “The client has purchased our hardware and hosting solution, but it is their data – they own that data and why would we even consider restricting them access to it by charging them a software fee?” Maharaj said.For Pynsent, the real reward is seeing the solution work for companies on the ground. “There really isn’t anything like this on the market at the moment,” he said. “We’re just happy to be in a position to provide a much needed service.”Cooee has produced DustBloc since 2005. This dust suppressant is a stable emulsion of bitumen in water that is made with a number of special additives, which enables it to mix easily with all types of water. The result is a product that not only reduces dust, but also decreases the amount of water used on a mine site or road, which allows for less deterioration.last_img read more

CDE Mining makes link between sustainability and maximising yield

first_imgCDE Global, the leading supplier of washing equipment for quarries and mines on the global market states: “The mining industry across the globe is facing a challenging time and in an environment like this it is no surprise that mine efficiency and sustainable mining and two of the most often discussed subjects. In considering how we improve the efficiency and sustainability our mining operations what should we be doing?” Dermot Murphy is Strategic Projects Manager at CDE Mining – the division of CDE Global which specifically focuses on the global mining market and he has some very clear views on what approach mining companies should take.“The approach we take with our customers is first to conduct a holistic review of the entire ore processing system to establish where specific inefficiencies exist that we can help to address” explains Murphy. “This involves conducting a detailed process audit with customers to gain a specific understanding of where the current pain points are within the system. We are then able to design a process improvement package that tackles all of the pain points and results in the efficiency of the operation being greatly improved.”According to Murphy, this process audit is focused in a number of areas. The first of these is maximising yield. This process involves a detailed look at the feed material to the processing plant and an analysis of the current final products. “The work we have done with our existing mining clients has demonstrated that this process allows us to establish whether the cut-off grade can be reduced which has the effect of increasing the volumes of material available for processing” explains Murphy. A reduction in the cut-off grade is made possible by the introduction of processing systems which help to reduce contaminant levels in the ore being processed. In relation to iron ore this applies to silica and alumina contamination as well as ensuring the efficient removal of fine silts and clays from the feed material.This first process contributes to the second area of focus – waste reduction. “By facilitating the production of lower grade ores we are not only able to reduce the volume of material sent to waste stockpiles but the knock-on effect of this is to reduce waste handling costs and the space required for the storage of waste material.” While this approach requires investment in new processing technology the return on investment makes this an attractive proposition for existing operations seeking to reduce costs and improve the sustainability of their mining operation. “The first stage in the process is to engage with us to complete the process audit. This will allow us to establish the nature and extent of the efficiency improvements that we can offer and these are fully quantified as part of our detailed process review.”last_img read more

License to Explore from Hexagon optimises drilling campaigns

first_imgHexagon Mining has introduced License to Explore, “an attractive lease license arming explorers with the powerful tools they need to produce high-quality data.” License to Explore “recognises the need to optimise drilling campaigns while respecting tight budgets.” It comprises two options, HxM Explorer and HxM Modeler. Both are described as highly versatile and designed for the life of a drilling campaign.For the field geologist, HxM Explorer delivers CAD and Surface Modelling tools for building implicit surfaces and solids directly from drillhole data. Users can quickly interpret and evaluate scenarios. HxM Explorer’s mapping and drillhole design tools enable the explorer to design drilling programs with the benefit of storing drilling and logging data and assay results in the leading MineSight Torque system.Additional functionality can be added to HxM Explorer and HxM Modeler for surface meshing of huge point clouds collected by UAVs. The Torque database can be enhanced with a QAQC module for managing the validity of drillhole data. Future add-on options include a workflow management tool for developing implicit models and a field logging device that is directly linked to Torque.HxM Modeler is designed for the office-based explorer tasked with building a comprehensive block model and analysing data gathered in the field campaign. HxM Modeler contains many of HxM Explorer’s CAD and surface modeling tools. “So as well as being able to build and manage block models easily, a geologist can quickly evaluate the data collected in the field season and start planning for the next stage of project development.”“Mining builds our economies and explorers are at the forefront of that work, operating on tight budgets and under great pressure,” said Hexagon Mining President Hélio Samora. “We believe License to Explore and the options it delivers will help alleviate some of that pressure with world-class solutions in an attractive lease package.”last_img read more

Caterpillar Venture Capital invests in Alight Mining Solutions

first_imgCaterpillar Venture Capital, a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar, has made a strategic investment in Alight, Inc, a San Francisco-based SaaS (software as a service) technology company that develops industry-specific solutions for financial forecasting and scenario analysis. The unique software has modules that are designed specifically for different industries, with mining and mortgage banking as the first two target industries. This investment aims to support Caterpillar’s mining customers with financial forecasting and scenario analysis.Caterpillar has begun discussions with Alight Mining Solutions to develop enhanced solutions that will combine data from technology-enabled machines with financial forecasting software to help mining companies make more real-time business decisions.Alight’s cloud-based products allow users to pull data from other systems such as Cat® MineStar™, quickly run multiple scenarios to facilitate financial decision making and then create enterprise-level financial forecasts.“We’re always looking to invest in new ways that could help Caterpillar’s customers improve their profitability, especially through the use of technology,” said Jim Hawkins, Managing Director of Mining Technology for Caterpillar. “Alight’s technologies can allow our customers to see the financial impact of a machine or technology purchases as well as operational decisions before they’re made.”“We are thrilled to partner with Caterpillar and help bring new levels of innovation to the global mining industry,” said Michele McGovern, CEO, Alight. “Caterpillar’s technology is making huge quantities of rich information available to its customers and our intention is to combine this data with Alight’s solutions so that data can be used to drive decision making to find greater profits and opportunities for growth.”Like Cat MineStar, Alight’s mining offering was developed by mining industry experts, specifically for mining customers. Combining Alight’s software with Cat MineStar will allow production data such as tons-moved to be viewed in context of financial information such as costs and revenues, helping miners make assessments at the site level and analyze strategic opportunities throughout the enterprise.“Our mining customers make decisions on very large capital investments, in market conditions that are constantly changing,” continued Hawkins. “We believe that the solutions we are looking to develop with Alight could help them better understand the impact of these decisions on production and operations as well as on profit margins and cash flow.”Cat MineStar, part of the Cat Connect family of technologies and services, helps customers deal with everyday challenges: controlling costs, extending equipment life, and enhancing safety. For mines large and small, above and below ground, Cat MineStar works with any brand of equipment helping customers leverage data across their existing machines, systems, and technologies to boost business results and gain their competitive edge.last_img read more

Ore sorting for Taronga tin project

first_imgAus Tin Mining Ltd advises that test results for preliminary ore‐sorting test work for the Taronga tin project have been received from TOMRA Sorting Solutions, the results indicating that ore sorting is effective for Taronga ore.TOMRA undertook a suite of standard static tests on a 60 kg parcel of Taronga ore using X‐Ray Transmission (XRT) ore sorting technology. The XRT tests proved the Taronga ore could viably separate the high density tin mineral cassiterite, from the low density waste material. Analytical results for the standard static test indicate an overall 54% increase in head grade (0.56%Sn to 0.86%Sn) whilst achieving 96% tin recovery. The company will accelerate the next stage of test work with a 2 t bulk sample through TOMRA’s pilot facility in Sydney, the results from bulk test work generally providing sufficient information for scale‐up to a full‐scale production plant.Of significance were the results for the +8mm to ‐25mm size fraction where the head grade was increased 240% whilst achieving tin recovery of 93%, and 66% of the mass being rejected as waste.The 2014 PFS for Taronga assumed pre‐concentration of the ore would be undertaken by Heavy Medium Separation technology, with tin recovery of 85% and a mass rejection of 60%.Based on the results for the +8mm to ‐25mm size fraction, ore‐sorting at Taronga could provide for increased mass rejection (lower CAPEX) and higher tin recovery (increased revenues).Ore‐sorting is not practical for minus 8mm material, and in operations a screened undersize would be directed to the processing plant. In conjunction with the next program of bulk test work, the company will evaluate the optimal process to upgrade the ‐8mm material. This work will likely incorporate gravity separation.Ore‐sorting is becoming increasingly widespread in minerals processing for the upgrading of tin ores. Minsur installed TOMRA XRT ore sorters at its San Rafael mine (third largest mine globally1) in 2016 enabling it to treat previously sub‐economic material and increase tin production. It is reported the capital cost of the ore sorter was repaid within four months. Metals X Ltd is installing TOMRA ore sorters at its their Renison mine (sixth largest mine globally1) and has forecast tin production to increase by 15 to 20%.The company has received from TOMRA an agreement to lease/purchase a XRT ore sorting facility. Subject to the outcome of the program of bulk test work the company may consider progressing an agreement for the Taronga Stage 1 project. The company has previously reported on the amenability of ore‐sorting for the high cobalt grade mineralisation at Mt Cobalt and if the Company purchased an ore sorter, consideration could be given to the potential employment of the ore sorter at Mt Cobalt once Taronga Stage 1 is completed. The company will also evaluate the potential application of ore sorting at the historic sub‐economic mine dumps at the Granville East mine.The diagram shows an overview of the life of mine pit shells for Taronga and associated infrastructure.The Taronga project lies some 7 km northwest of Emmaville (northern New South Wales) within the company’s wholly owned exploration license EL8407. Emmaville is a historic tin field with over 88,000 t of contained tin having been produced since the 1870s. Previous owners BHP and Newmont undertook extensive exploration at the project during the 1930-50s and 1970-80s respectively.last_img read more

Manojlovic and Stanojevic signs for Gorenje

← Previous Story BiH: Bosna BH Gas won double title! Next Story → Celje PL champion of Slovenia! Two Serbian players, Nikola Manojlovic and Aleksandar Stanojevic from next season will play in Slovenia for Gorenje Velenje. That is a sign of high ambitions which has last season champion of Slovenia, who will this season finished as a second team behind Celje Pivovarna Lasko.Nikola Manojlovic (29) is left-central back spending this season in Rhen Neckar Lowen. Bundesliga recognition received in T- shirt of Goppingen and before that, he played in Serbian, Crvena zvezda, winning national Super liga.Aleksandar Stanojevic (25), right back-wing, start to play for Partizan Belgrade. After that, “gold boy” with huge potential doenst fit expectation in Germany (Gumersbach), France (Paris) and Metalurg (Macedonia), before he had serious hand injury in Wetzlar last season, why he had one year break during this season. read more

Goražd Škof is the target of Wisla Plock

Goražd ŠkofWisla Plock The first goalkeeper of Slovenian national team, many years in T-shirts of Celje Pivovarna Laško and last two seasons in C.O Zagreb, Goražd Škof (33) is the main target of Lars Walther, current coach of second team of the Polish Super League, Wisla Plock, for the next season 2011/2012. Walther already worked in Slovenia as a coach of Gorenje Velenje and he knows the qualities of Škof very well. Škof is now in C.O Zagreb, but better start of the season has Marin Šego, his teammate and competitor. ← Previous Story EHF EURO 2010 (Main Round): Montenegro vs Romania for semifinal Next Story → Jana Krause stays in Buxtehuder SV read more


Spain destroys Denmark 35:19 (18:10) in the final match at the 23th World Championship in Barcelona and become the World Champion for the second time after Tunisia 2005. In “San Jordi” was only one team in the game – Spain. Boys of Valero Rivera were fantastic from the first moment of the match, while powerful Danish players were totally lost in front of 16.000 domestic fans. At the end, fantastic night for Spanish handball, but anti-propaganda for handball fans all over the globe.STATISTICS ← Previous Story Spain or Denmark (17.15)? Who is the new World Champion? Next Story → Mikkel Hansen WCH 2013 MVP! read more

Furious Croatia beat Slovakia – Only draw for Hungary in Latvia

← Previous Story EHF EURO 2014: Poland and Sweden are in Denmark! Next Story → “Les Experts” and Norway book their ticket to European Championship 2014 Croatia and Hungary secured their places at Men’s EHF EURO 2014 in Denmark. Strong Croatian team showed world-class performance in Slovakia 31:22 (21:11), where home team were smashed after only ten minutes of the game (6:0, 12:3). Hungary played surprisingly bad and win only a point in Latvia 25:25, who showed that victory over Slovakia wasn’t an accident.Croatia has now clear situation before the last home match against Latvia. Point or two will put them on the first place and in better position before the Draw in Herning on June 21.STANDING:Croatia 8Hungary 7Latvia 3Slovakia 2 read more

Pavel Atman signs for HC Metalurg Skopje

Pavel Atman (26) is the first reinforcement for HC Metalurg this summer. The midback of Chekhovski Medvedi who played for Dinamo Minsk until the end of the past season, signed two-year contract with Metalurg. One of the best midbacks in Europe said that he opted for Metalurg despite having offers that were financially better. ← Previous Story ASOBAL sinks: Newly-promoted Puente Genil player works as “doorman” on Ibiza Next Story → Women EHF Champions League Qualification groups decided Chekhovski MedvediDinamo MinskHC MetalurgMetalurg Skopjepavel atman read more

EHF Two years of suspension for Mios BiganoBegles

← Previous Story GREECE A1: Diomidis smash AEK Next Story → SEHA: Vardar easily beat Tatran The EHF Court of Handball has reached a decision in the case concerning the withdrawal of Union Mios Bigano-Begles from participating in the 2015/16 Women’s EHF Cup.In July, the club had registered to participate and been drawn to play the 3rd Round of the competition against the Norwegian club Tertnes Bergen. However, the EHF was officially informed in August by the French National Federation that following legal proceedings opened due to financial reasons, the club had been suspended from participating. It was argued in substance that such a penalty taken within the framework of the French legal system did not constitute a withdrawal.Yet, the EHF Court of Handball rules that “contrary to the arguments of the Club and the Federation, the fact that the non‐participation results from the outcome of legal proceedings undertaken within the French legal system does not exonerate the Club from the obligation to take part in the Competition they had registered for. A withdrawal is regarded as constituted regardless the cause, unless a case of force majeure may be proven. In the present case, the outcome of legal proceedings shall not constitute any case of force majeure. Furthermore, the EHF Court of Handball underlines that at no time did the Club inform the EHF on the existence of a legal procedure with regards to their financial situation.”Hence, according to Article C.2 of the EHF List of Penalties, the club shall pay a fine of €15,000 and is suspended from entering any EHF club competition until 30 June 2017.An appeal may be filed with the EHF Court of Appeal within 7 days.SOURCE: read more

Cristina Neagu is most paid in womens handball

One of the biggest stars in women’s handball of the last decade, Romanian princess Cristina Neagu is the best paid in women’s handball according Romanian media.CSM Bucharest playmaker has 26.000 per month (gross) – between 20.000 and 22.000 EUR net.With an estimated yearly revenue of EUR 265,000, Cristina Neagu is the second-best paid athlete in Romania. Only a football player from CFR Cluj, Ibrahima Balde, makes more money than she does, namely some EUR 300,000 per year. Meanwhile, FCSB’s stars Constantin Budescu, Denis Alibec and Filipe Teixeira make some EUR 240,000 per year.Neagu is also the best-paid women’s handball player in the world, surpassing Norwegian Nora Mork, who makes EUR 240,000 at Gyor in Hungary. In TOP 5 are also Alexandra Lacabrere, Andrea Lekic and Katarina Bulatovic. Cristina Neagu ← Previous Story SERBIA: Jovica Cvetkovic is sacked! Next Story → EHF fine Mikkel Hansen with 4.000 EUR for incident in Zagreb read more

Concerns raised over pageant organisers lack of contact with parents

first_imgTHE MOTHER OF a prospective child beauty queen due to take part in this weekend’s planned Universal Royalty pageant is raising concerns about lack of contact from the organisers.The Bracken Court Hotel in Balbriggan, which had been due to host the ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ style event this Saturday, cancelled its booking yesterday, saying it had not been told in advance of the true nature of the event.Pageant boss Annette Hill has promised it will still go ahead. This tweet was sent by her company earlier today:However according to Lynsey from Dublin 24, who plans to enter her toddler in the show, no email had been received as of 6pm today.Lynsey told she was concerned that the ‘plan b’ venue would only be confirmed at short notice, and that “it could be anywhere”.She said she had called and emailed Universal Royalty for an update, but hadn’t been able to get through.“It just went to their voicemail, which was full.” also put calls in to the company’s Texas HQ and to Hill herself. Both went unanswered.Lynsey said she had spent €40 euro to enter her 2-year-old daughter in the pageant.She said she “would have spent over €100″ on the event — on outfits and shoes for her daughter, and on admission fees for herself and other family members.“They didn’t have a problem answering phones or emails until the last day or two, now nobody answers them,” Lynsey added.Eden Wood, of ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ is due to appear on tonight’s Late Late (Image: Tammie Arroyo/AFF/EMPICS Entertainment)Hill is due to appear on tonight’s Late Late Show to speak about the pageant. It’s planned she’ll be accompanied by another Irish parent who has entered her daughter in the event. American child beauty queen Eden Wood, who gained fame in Toddlers & Tiaras, is also due to appear.A spokesperson for RTÉ said it wasn’t known if Hill planned to make any announcement on plans for an alternative venue.Read: Dublin hotel pulls out of hosting child beauty pageant >Also: Heavy makeup, high heels and frilly dresses ‘inappropriate’ on pageant children >last_img read more

Man dies after car crashes and catches fire in Kerry

first_imgA MAN HAS died after his car crashed and caught fire in rural Kerry last night.The crash happened on the Ardfert to Abbeydorney Road at 8.30pm last night.The man in his mid-twenties was the sole occupant of the car when it crashed and caught fire.His body was removed to Tralee General Hospital where a post mortem is due to be carried out today.The road at the scene of the crash has been closed and Garda Forensic Collision Investigators are due to carry out an examination of the scene later today.last_img read more

HSE to fund bilateral cochlear implants for 100 children

first_imgTHE HSE HAS allocated €3.2 million for bicochlear implants in its 2014 service plan, news that has been welcomed by parents of children with hearing issues.Deanna Cairns, whose son Billy has one cochlear implant and is on the waiting list for a second implant, is a member of the Happy New Ear campaign. The parents behind Happy New Ear are campaigning for bilateral (two) cochlear implants to be offered to children as standard.Today, Cairns told “We are delighted, now they have come into line as best practice. It wasn’t the full amount we wanted but at least bilaterals can start being rolled out now.”“I have to say it has been a hard year,” said Cairns.Happy New Ear said: “After a year of constant campaigning, fighting, meetings, petitions and begging we are thrilled with today’s outcome. No more second best for Irish children.” The programme will take time to set up but it is envisaged that the first simultaneous cochlear implant surgery, where they implant both ears at the same time, will take place in May, and the first sequential implant surgery, where the recipient already has an implant, will commence in August. We have been helped along the way by so many people- TDs, journalists, parents and well wishers and we would like to thank them all for their support throughout the campaign.They gave thanks to the Joint Committee established by Gerry Adams and to all the HSE staff who met with them, as well as the Minister For Health James Reilly.“We know he was under more pressure than ever in this budget, and appreciate this more than words can say,” the parents said.Tony O’Brien, Director General of the HSE, said that around 100 children will benefit from the funding, with 50 sequential and 50 simultaneous cochlear implants to be fitted in 2014.They are hopeful that from next year, the number of surgeries will be increased. There are thought to be around 200 children in need of a second cochlear implant at the moment.The Cairns family are now hopeful that Billy will be able to get his second implant. “It’s like the best Christmas present ever,” said his mum.Keith McCormack, the father of a boy whose hearing problems were not acted on by health professionals for 17 months said that the news is good news.“Any cuts in health spending for the country as a whole are a bad thing but if indeed the HSE is setting aside €3.2million to help those in need of bilateral cochlear implants then it will give a ray of hope to them, especially at Christmas,” he said.He added that anything that will give children who may have been failed during their health journey “a chance to succeed, should be welcomed”.“We will have to wait and see how this bilateral implant programme is to be rolled out in detail,” he added. “My little boy Liam and the other children are quite literally in a race against time for this as whatever good nerve endings that they have are continually degrading.”Read: Silent protest outside Dáil today over childrens’ cochlear implants funding>Read: HSE still reviewing where €108m ‘unspecified’ pay savings can be found in 2014>last_img read more