How to effectively improve the site traffic

1, diligence: I am very recommended to do so, if one thing you did not spend much effort to do it, then I can only say that you are GOD, admire!

2, brain: a diligent enough, must be diligent in thinking basis, find their own website, and good at solving, can obtain the effective growth.

3, adhere to: do not because of the development of the site and their expectations from the big give up, this may be the most difficult point.

OK, we are talking about one aspect of

1, diligence means we do stand passion, can also be a website update and rich, now too much on acquisition, I used a manual, procedures are, but the effect of it, unless your station itself has a base case, need an order of magnitude increase, so I recommend, or otherwise come slowly, I suggest that the patient, find a boutique, small and fine, it is easier to pull the visitor’s heart. read more

E-commerce is not so simple

success requires hard work and full preparation. Otherwise, the world is full of Alibaba, e-commerce is not very simple. Success in this area requires a keen market insight, preparation and hard work.

success stories have some success but be too numerous to enumerate, reason, reason and each success can not be copied.

we can only work according to their own actual situation, has reached its own satisfactory results. Efforts may not succeed, but not hard will not succeed. Therefore, the results of hard work is not obvious. The cause of success is elusive, and the experience of failure is the same. E-commerce has now reached a certain height, it is impossible, like the beginning of their own to build a website can be profitable. Now all aspects are in the development of e-commerce, enterprise e-commerce, e-commerce market, in this period, in order to succeed in e-commerce is to reform. Innovation is the key to success, identify the direction of the market, continuous innovation, coupled with their hard work, coupled with our careful decision-making, with decisive action to implement, then it should be developed very well. read more

Detailed analysis of the ten advantages and disadvantages of network marketing

now enterprises choose the case of network marketing network marketing is more and more, including SEO, PPC, forum posting, soft Wen promotion, blog promotion, email marketing, micro-blog marketing, video marketing, image promotion, word-of-mouth marketing and other ten major categories of


know that the word SEO may not know, network marketing, including SEO, network marketing is a comprehensive category, and SEO is the branch of network marketing.

advantage: SEO advantage is to rely on the site as the media, publishing information, the optimization of keywords, in order to get the search engine rankings. Bring traffic to the site, bring the amount of views. read more

My view on the basic promotion methods of industry station

valve 234 nets for the column, this website is to improve the online trading platform for the valve, then our keyword is nothing more than according to the professionals to provide the valve gate valve and so on. Net, in Baidu, the first page of the words is full of promotion, we can’t do it. So we’ll do it on the website.

customer data collection

find a cracked version of the E-mail acquisition, acquisition under the industry news keywords in the E-mail contact, then you can use email or send them a manual E-MAIL write some about this website, and understanding, and can provide service, because we are the industry, so attention is not the size of the flow, but to the people what is, even if you have 10 thousand day IP but only 10 people in the industry, so or fail, but if this is 1000IP in the industry accounted for 10, so we are successful. Therefore, our industry is only professionals face. Reasonable use of good blog, good external connection, a gateway of the blog can not be less, every day to keep their industry stand on the knowledge point in writing, and then add a word, this content source such an external connection is done. read more

A brief analysis of the advantages and limitations of micro-blog marketing

things have two sides, there is a good side, but also a bad side. Any marketing tool also has its advantages and limitations, and today we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of micro-blog marketing. Through the first few articles, I believe we have begun to try to do micro-blog marketing, or that the use of micro-blog to do the promotion, the effect?.

I want to Tucao the reason is nothing more than the following points, but also the shortcomings of micro-blog marketing.

1, not enough fans. read more

About Taobao Taobao two series passenger passenger surplus Dumbledore channel development outlook

a lot of wanderers said Taobao guest is dead, no way to go on. Thin want to come, may not. A day together with you to know about Taobao, today net to push the small band everyone together to further dig all kinds of marketing channels.

one: traditional promotion channels

we all know that the share of profits should be relatively large website promotion, the form of the site has evolved into a variety of. The site is Taobao guest promotion way more traditional, from the rebate network, network group purchase, shopping guide network sharing site, etc.. read more

WeChat operation material selection


, we have been talking a lot about the operational aspects of the WeChat method and how to avoid being. May you seriously to read people will find that one cannot do without that our content, content directly decide whether or not we will be the title, whether can attract more fans attention, whether we can achieve the high amount of reading high forwarding.

The relationship between

that we must say that today is not the focus of the content and the title, because of this before we have already talked about. Today I want to talk to you is how to do high quality articles, to achieve the purpose of high forwarding. read more

ZhengZhan optimization and website promotion plan

The main purpose of

is to realize the optimization of comprehensive ZhengZhan optimization on the site, the site has a good natural ranking ability in the search engine, so as to improve the website sales ability to strengthen brand publicity effect. We want to each column, each inside the page as a small site to optimize its controllability, in order to form a line, the line structure, so that the site structure is more reasonable, and ultimately bring long-term stable flow.

(I) modify the policy read more

Share the deadly weapon to improve blog click rate

signature: in fact, I like you for how to improve the click rate of blog this thing to worry about. Blog click rate is not high this blogger does not seem to have much capital to talk about this topic. However, I can responsibly tell you that if you read this article, there will be unexpected gains!

blog era of flying, bloggers have the most distressing is not high, a deserted house hits, the most happy is the click rate soared, bustling. Therefore, how to improve the blog click rate has become a problem that bloggers often think about. The grassroots is different from those of elite celebrities, as long as a blog is surrounded by a group of fans. Also have to find ways to improve their blog attention and click rate. According to the successful experience of some well-known grassroots blogs, the author summarizes several practical methods. read more

How to reflect the idea of private hospital

private hospital network to promote the entire process, which is the core of the conversion rate? Try to think, when we are hard to do a hospital bidding, the hair of the chain, ranking…… Finally have the results, the introduction of a large number of visitors, but because of the lack of relevant website visitors but the marketing idea, the effective transformation fails, you will feel very humbled? Especially in the current bidding cost more for the high case, a keyword click price of dozens of pieces, go in, you will feel? read more