Domain sold price of nearly 5 million 400 thousand yuan

August 17th, according to foreign media reports, the top-level domain name sold at $800 thousand, equivalent to nearly RMB 5 million 400 thousand yuan.

it is reported that, in addition to the domain name to sell $800 thousand, the top-level domain name also sold at $800 thousand, sold $500 thousand, equivalent to nearly 3 million 400 thousand yuan. In addition, some other top-level domain names are sold at high prices, the domain name sold $450 thousand. read more

Public comment fast and slow, slow and fast

[review] public comment "fast" and "slow" History: the 2003-2008 trial and error, slow accumulation; the fast development of 2008-2010, the 2010-2013 listed slow; fast moving, slow in 2014: from the group purchase; "slow company" to "the quickstep".

Nobel prize winner Neal Kahneman wrote a Book of "thinking, fast and slow".

public comment CEO Zhang Tao praised the book very much, he concluded: people have two brains, one is original, evolution over the mind, it is more sensible, make decisions quickly; another mind is rational mind, careful thinking, make decisions slowly, but more correctly. From the book, we can come up with a lot of concepts, such as why some people are impulsive, some people are more rational. read more

Convention and exhibition industry website alliance Council held its first meeting

April 28th, the Convention and exhibition industry website alliance ( board of directors of dozens of members gathered, held the first meeting of the Convention and exhibition industry website alliance council. In this meeting, the person in charge of the local exhibition industry website of the Council of the league and the content of the work focus launched a lively discussion, and the current exhibition industry status quo and future development expressed their views. When discussing the Union Council of the focus of the next step, the members of the Council have said should be further integration of the domestic exhibition industry resources, combined with more local industry influential websites, jointly build up a set of exhibition industry alliance brand. read more

Universal know almost how can the impact of the nternet to miss the line

Abstract: today already known that high-end not at the beginning of the Q & a community, open registration for two years, its users increased by 40 times, also began to play the quiz community, search engines, shopping guide website, forum clusters and other roles, every corner of the Internet and the influence has Chinese times. Seems to be able to do a lot of things a lot of knowledge, but why missed a new product opportunity?

note: in recent years on the Chinese Internet, know almost a can not ignore the existence of. No one can know this website like, although only about 20000000 users, the influence is everywhere; not a website like almost know this, at the same time, played the Q & a community search engine, public comment, news, community forums, emotional first person literature network so many roles; not a website like almost know this. Fall from the top of the chain despise so fast; not a website like know the future is full of possibilities, but every road difficult. read more

Ali platform property complaints over 20 million of the total volume of the total turnover of more t

[TechWeb] reported on February 20th news, according to the Alibaba news, in 2016 more than Alibaba intellectual property complaints platform commodity volume of 20 million, of which 49% of businesses complained of complaints established.

Ali platform property complaints over 20 million of the total volume of goods turnover of more than $500 million


statistics data show that in 2016 more than Alibaba intellectual property complaints platform commodity volume of 20 million, which established the rate as high as 49%, involving about 200000 seller, the total turnover of 500 million above. In other words, at least about 200000 sellers almost be wronged, thanks to the timely recovery of the loss through the complaint. The data also show that 1531 complaints initiated complaints accounted for 0.59% of the total number of complaints, but the total number of complaints accounted for a total of 80%, which shows that a large number of complaints success stories are highly concentrated in a small number of complaints. Alibaba analysis, the cause of this phenomenon is malicious complaints. read more

nternet Co God damn years, your nternet thinking


in the circle of friends to see the company’s annual meeting is almost too horrible to look at, scraper, could not help but wrote a text, tell you the real Internet Co, how should be thinking of using the Internet to transform these God damn Shuabing annual meeting.

Internet thinking in my eyes:

the Internet is a network of information from the source, after the hair out, will be endless spread to each context, so the Internet has spread of dynamic, rather than traditional communication between the two; read more

Cai Wensheng the success of the business model is to return to this essence

all the success of the product is to understand the human nature, understanding of human nature; all the successful business model will return to the final results of the financial itself, all companies are finally doing financial. Read the human + + financial integration, is the best business model.

I want to talk about today is a summary of my own in 2008, every time, every time I have a new feeling, a new understanding.

entrepreneurial orientation and product positioning

a, no matter what products have to follow the three principles: there are needs, strengths, interests read more

Test input response is the key to building a web site advertising or title

yesterday the people network through an article "how to test advertising" powerful marketing website construction in about the importance, when we are building the marketing website testing advertising is good, then the people secret network will continue to share with you to write attractive title.

The importance of

testing advertising need not be much ado, directly into our today’s business, see advertising what kind of method should be used to test. As the saying goes, it’s hard to begin with, so we can speculate that the key to our test — the input response, is the reader’s response to your advertisement. If you browse your marketing site, but no heart, you have to admit that such a marketing website construction is a failure. Therefore, we need to test the reader’s response to our advertisement or title, and make a comparison. To test the reader’s response, you can use the following methods: read more

QQ is Facebook (2) from QQ group to alumni record

the last time I wrote an article called "QQ is Facebook", there are some discussions on 5G. At the time of writing from both hands, not to mention the details. Today, I saw some of the dynamic QQ alumni, could not help but say a few words.

first said a few details, QQ group and Tencent to promote his alumni record details:

1, alumni and QQ group can be bundled.

2, tied to the QQ client can send an invitation to invite the same group of people to join the alumni record.

3, alumni recorded on the dynamic can be displayed in the QQ group, can also be displayed in the QQ space. read more

Subversion of tradition WeChat marketing is so fun

"what is WeChat?" almost everyone has played WeChat, but can you tell me what WeChat is? To tell you the truth, a few days ago, someone asked me, really asked me to live. Because it is difficult for me to find a word to describe what is WeChat, the father of WeChat Zhang Xiaolong said WeChat is I/O, many people may not know what is I/O, simply say I/O is input and output, but the word I/O is too deep, too professional, so it is difficult to explain to WeChat let the people understand, in fact, simply say WeChat is communication between people. read more