A number of marketing operation in the history of the Three Kingdoms Zhu Geliang Chushan five new pr

a history of the Three Kingdoms, how many marketing. Wei Shu Wu kingdoms and a history of struggle, from the perspective of market competition, which contains many worthy of marketing wisdom and skill.

this article from Zhu Geliang from this plot, insight into Zhu Geliang from grass root a little-known suddenly become Liu group CEO promotion practices, in order to enterprise’s new product marketing can benefit.

Zhu Geliang became famous in Longzhongdui, not only successful candidates Liu group CEO, also let the personal brand famous in the world, and has spread so far, being talked about. Zhu Geliang became the most influential in the Three Kingdoms period, a star product market. However, at the time before Zhu Geliang is merely a new product to the market, to make a diagnosis of it can be found that he has no high degree, neither master nor Dr.; no overseas study experience, out of a wood louse; no actual work experience. As a "three noes", Zhu Geliang’s competitive disadvantage obviously. However, Zhu Geliang is in "three noes" of the allocation of resources, through a series of successful marketing operation, make the new product. Beijing Jiahe landscape advertising chief planning Sun Wenguang Zhu Geliang five summarizes the marketing of new products from: read more

Flow rate and conversion rate


search engine, the use of SEO technology is the ultimate purpose of the drainage, by attracting flow to achieve the conversion of similarities between traffic and conversion? And what are the differences? This knowledge seems simple but actually very meticulous, Hunan network promotion, network marketing in Hunan or the 2 the term is the ultimate goal.


entered the universal search times, search engine market share and usage can be said to be in the leading, many people can see from their own experience, ten years ago, what is the power of the big favorites, popular said is often to remember a net network access is through the favorites, in addition to their own the special preferences and a large site, the machine redo system collapsed, very sad that many of their favorite web site. No backup lost due to a great depression, this experience, think everyone has, at this time, hao123 appears to solve the big problem, so far, Hunan SEO are admire this site, no technical content, just a large web site collection, bring traffic and bring wealth should solve the webmaster for the rest of your life, this is the embodiment of the fine Festival and thinking determine success or failure. read more

Minon domain said 3 digital domain is too harsh

renamed China (eName.cn) June 12th news, since the beginning of the 360.com domain, 3 digital domain name market continued to rise, and that the recent domain name 885.com price reached seven, while the previous investor Huang Zhenxuan Benz and watermelon teamed up to 7 digit price down 651.com. 3 torrents of digital domain name investment gains, people is to see how the 3 digital domain name


figure: domain name

good domain name will naturally appreciate

most investors optimistic attitude to the digital domain name is currently 3, investors Blackhawk (micro signal: zhanyifeng) 3 digital domain are scarce, easy to remember, he is more optimistic about the future, "the digital domain name will usher in a blowout peak, a lot of excellent digital domain name is very valuable. There will be more cases of high prices, but also in line with the market transactions." read more

Behind the first case of mobile porn the owner was a star

yesterday, is located in Hefei City, Qianshan, a district of 519 room door closed. You may not think that the largest mobile phone network in the country to crack down on the spread of pornographic cases, color frog network case took place here. The case was a "hero" Sheng campus entrepreneurial star, but now he can only squat behind bars.

, the national anti pornography Office recently released the program, the six-month combat mobile phone website dissemination of pornographic information special action from December this year to the end of May next year. Program clear, clean up the site will be completed in 2010 before the spring festival. read more

nternet marketer appeal dismissed people sentenced to 6 and a half years fined 350 thousand

Xinhua news agency in Kunming on 4 December, (reporter Wang Yan) Yunnan Province, Kunming City Intermediate People’s court 4 days according to the appellant Dong Rubin (screen name Border), Hou Peng illegal business, disturb the case of second instance verdict, the court rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict.

Dong Rubin and the appellant Hou Peng accused of illegal business, disturb a case, Kunming city Wuhua District People’s court in July 23rd this year, the first instance verdict, to the crime of illegal business operation and the crime of affray, Dong Rubin was sentenced to imprisonment of 6 years and 6 months, fined 350000 yuan; the crime of illegal business operation. Hou Peng was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 3 years, and fined 50000 yuan; the illegal income to continue to pursue the tools of crime shall be confiscated. After the verdict, the defendant Hou Peng sentenced, did not appeal, the defendant Dong Rubin refused to appeal to the Kunming intermediate people’s court. read more

Dating sites collective Transformation counter attack line platform upgrade

text / Zhang Nan

if the dating site in five years ago to become a model of the Internet to change the traditional industry, today, this model will encounter a collective dilemma. In the traditional mode of relying on communication services charges encounter bottlenecks in the growth of the environment, the marriage website quietly took place a collective transformation.


three marriage website Jiayuan earnings revealed a crisis, a quarter of the net profit decline of 36%, this is not just a single enterprise’s dilemma. Under the impact of mobile dating, the problem of the decline of traditional dating site viscosity so that we have begun to find a way out, one is to find fast money from the online regression line, the other way is to upgrade the social platform. read more

Alternative network promotion method

website promotion, a lot of ways, and according to different types of Web site, the promotion method is not the same, but no matter what kind of. Here I have some of their own promotion methods to sum up, see what do not understand, please ask me.

1: blog promotion method, you can go to some large blog site set up a blog, and then add more hot group or circle, then to write or publish articles reproduced some of the more attractive to your blog, then recommend to good circle inside. But you don’t forget to send the article you are the promotion of the site, must be added to your own site links in the article above; I generally is three times a week update blog, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, do not update their articles under blog reply. read more

Net red suction gold amazing is the golden age or bubble fate

on each less than 5 minute short video became popular in the network platform, the rapid accumulation of about 8000000 fans of the network Reds Papi sauce, recently received a $12 million investment, the valuation of billions of. For a time, many users have begun to "eager for a fight": German boy Fu to troubles Shanghai dialect Tucao foreign law, by netizens as "the male version of Papi".

from the "energy-saving" to "the left hand", from Papi sauce to Fu, "red" to have real money from the virtual world. Even predict people from the media, the future of the business is "Reds entrance". The face of the large capital hit the line, net red usher in the golden age, or under the hype bubble fate read more

Traditional enterprises the most light transition opportunities starting from marketing

FMCG transition

digital cube first said that the transformation of FMCG, this digital cube feel the need to discuss with you, the transformation should be how to understand? It is the transformation of large-scale production tools, or production also transition or production data to be together in the view of transformation? Digital cube, transformation said today. More should go from the business model and marketing ideas. Because you can not do today is leather shoes, belts, clothes, tomorrow will be able to make a Internet Co. The transformation in this sense is not what the digital cube is talking about today. Before doing the transformation action, digital cube suggest that entrepreneurs should be very clear analysis of the characteristics of their own business. read more

Jining nformation Port promotion methods hematemesis large exposure local station promotion methods

to do a website is not easy. Local sites in particular. When we put the site location, the content is rich, our primary task is to promote, but the local forum or website promotion friends feel most difficult, after all, according to the scope of the small, small population, it is difficult to increase the popularity of. In fact, the process of Jining information port along the way, but also with the vast majority of the same length of the local web site tangled: promotion difficult. But difficult to return, always do. Here today, Jining harbor would like to share some of the site promotion method is effective in practice to come, and we discuss work, because the length is not too short, so without further ado, directly into the subject: read more

0 how do get the cost of getting 25000 fans

recently made a number of public water, pushing a link to share resources activities, the response is also very good, an increase of 25 thousand fans, the public, all of a sudden jump from 0 to 10 in a big amount of tweets, browsing activities also reached 15W, after all, first, to have such the result is satisfactory.

although some public numbers to see me this to do the good, also get past wholly intact copy and paste, but the results are flat, they may only see the effect of activity level, not from the operational planning level to think about such a possible means of low but looks brought some effective activities, so the general elements and this paper through the operation activity structure to the interpretation of this event, and we hope to be able to communicate and share. read more

Google large-scale ban Chinese cheating website documentary (1)

Google blew the whistle? Why large-scale cleaning the Chinese cheating sites? Want to find information on the Internet? Google! This once the domestic netizens as fashionable experience with Google is more and more near the pace off.2005 in March 26th, Google began a large-scale clean-up of so-called Chinese cheating sites, within two months, and thousands of Chinese website


Google bright "red card"

hao123 has been lifted, but my station has not been included in Google." This paper before the deadline, a netizen still complained to reporters on the QQ. The so-called "closed" refers to the largest Chinese site navigation station was Google included, and hao123 Google was deleted in the database is only a few days earlier just happened. read more

The domestic small and medium-sized enterprise to the brand strategy erroneous understanding

with the continuous improvement of people’s material life, consumers began to pursue the brand, but also at this time businesses have begun to be optimistic about the market need to care about the existence of the brand. The status of "brand" has been rising, but there are a lot of mistakes in the brand strategy in some small and medium-sized enterprises in china. This is summed up in three points:

1, the visibility as a high-value brand.

the establishment of a brand is not just a well-known on the OK, and visibility is only a condition of brand value. Many companies blindly pursue fame to make money in the end, because the connotation of the brand is not enough, positioning is not accurate, caused by improper means of communication. read more

Secret 5 kinds of day earn 1000 yuan WeChat money model


said we are not unfamiliar, because now WeChat can be said to have become popular in the network can not access the social aspects of the social communication tool, the frequency of use is more than Tencent qq. Through the official presentation of the current Tencent book data, the current WeChat registered users have more than 800 million, such a huge data, almost occupied the national population of 2/3.

has now entered the era of micro, but many people are not aware of the existence of micro era opportunities in the next few years, the advent of 5G networks will be the outbreak of the era of micro business, now if you are not aware of the future business opportunities to make money, then you can only be the one. read more

Baidu Post Bar promotion skills and experience

Baidu post bar is the popularity of any web site can not be compared, so Baidu post bar is the best way to promote the site! Interesting is: stick in the promotion and content title has a great relationship! According to the content of your website to promote, we often see some people in the bar inside promotion: XXXXXXXXX China’s largest XXXXX. Ha ha, this effect? Two words – garbage. We must pay attention to the promotion of:

1, not promotion should have the value of the whole station, the contents of the station. Such as: your website is webmaster, then you must find your station can attract the most webmaster articles posted to turn (just published, or users see less. It is best to own original) read more

Thousands of P month earned thousands of dollars

do stand difficult!

a person to do stand more difficult!

a man without money do stand is really difficult!

a no money no experience who is really hard to do stand on the blue sky


so I have come, spent 3 years as a webmaster, not a station, is really very ashamed, this is just a recent experience I tell you, we hope to help a bit


1 positioning: I do is a professional station, do is the city’s computer city website. The main content is to provide some information about the computer city, offer, etc.. read more

Jilin imposed a forum moderator name system

City Evening News reported in February 2nd February 1st, the 13 departments of the provincial public security department, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial high, provincial Procuratorate jointly held a teleconference deployment in January 2008 to September in the province to continue to carry out the law regulation to combat Internet pornography and other harmful information special action. Reporters learned at the meeting, the future of our province will enforce the real name system, BBS forum moderator sent after the first trial, broadcast TV must go through the relevant departments of the examination on the Internet in the future. read more

99 China music network failures nternet reoccurrence of financing

capital market turmoil on the impact of the domestic Internet industry continues to intensify. According to Beijing media reports, because of the risk of investment temporary emergency divestment, a 99 China music website has been shut down.

99 China (www.99.cn) operations in less than a year, just on the line in January this year, by a Chinese American invested $30 million to create. Yesterday, the reporter found that the site has been unable to open the web page to remind that the link does not exist, refused to visit. According to reports, the company recently held a meeting to discuss increasing the bandwidth of things, but on Friday because of the risk of investment divestment suddenly declared bankruptcy, liquidation of assets into the stage. read more

China broadband entertainment network was 100 million angel investment

recently, reporters learned that a company called China broadband entertainment network video website obtained from Beijing Shun Shengshi Investment Limited 100 million yuan huge angel investment, and surprisingly, investment, China broadband entertainment network is not on the line.

The traditional

network video industry to help solve profit puzzle

in 2007, China’s video site has maintained a strong momentum of development, but venture capital has slowed the pace of investment". Although close to the end of the year, Youku got $25 million in the third round of financing, I also get the second round of music $20 million financing, but these financing is more of a continuation of the inertia of capital. Throughout the 2007, basically no new video sites to get investment, while China’s broadband entertainment network is the only exception, she is in the end what is to impress the capital side of it? read more

One week news review Ali framework adjustment watercress FM charges

              first, Alibaba group adjust the organizational structure of the establishment of the 25 division


group announced in January 10th, in order to face the ecological system of the future trend of commercial complex, and wireless Internet brings opportunities and challenges, the group’s existing business structure and organization will be adjusted accordingly, the establishment of the 25 division, the division of the business development by the division president (General Manager) is responsible for. read more