‘ll loan B round of financing 1 billion yuan YSHON online mode reached the young stage of the mar

in the staging of music and fun staging rapid staking when a dark horse reached the China mainland young stage market.

specifically for young people loans and pure online mobile lending, I came to the loan, today (January 20th) announced the acquisition of 1 billion yuan B round of financing. This originated in Hongkong, based in Shenzhen, said the company, which is currently one of the largest B lending platform China Mobile round of financing, but also in addition to the amount of money outside the B second round of financing. read more

Do you think clearly before making the video

video is a powerful narrative medium: it can not only be used as the test field company promotional activities, but also ideas will be interesting, caused by sound and picture the emotions into the video, so that the relationship between the brand and the audience is more intimate and close.

Value orientation of


video is the most versatile strategy for content marketers to use. First, they can be chopped, cooked, cooked, and then packed in various ways. For example:

works in the form of long videos and short videos – from 6 seconds of grape video to a complete grape growing documentary, everywhere. read more

Rapid increase of the six strategies of blog Alliance

imagine such a situation. You happen to be visiting a great website to provide profitable alliance projects. You sign up immediately, and can’t wait to tell everyone you know about your referral link.

you create a new personal information page in the forum, and add in the back of your referral link, in addition, you can also comment on some blogs and URL or special identification way leave referral links.

you can even publish a short blog post that includes only a brief opening, an attractive summary on the site, and a link to your alliance. read more

Low cost marketing of small websites

e-commerce in China is in the ascendant, in addition to Taobao, Jingdong these giants, numerous personal e-commerce sites have sprung up. But these small sites to money funds, technology not technology, how can the strong competitors in the market to survive? The author practical experience to talk about small personal website marketing method.

small marketing methods: a combination of online marketing and offline marketing

small sites in advertising, ranking the general situation will not be too good, so by no means a single source of business is too simple. I had a little early in the operation of the company website, they start the biggest frustration is the website ranking also didn’t go up, flow is very limited, the business volume will naturally go up, then my solution is given to the line under the combination of extended business sources. Then as the guiding ideology, the first is in the target group is located in the office area, a large number of leaflets, and engage in theme planning activities in some areas, and made several SMS marketing, business volume will go up slowly. In fact, the cost of marketing under these lines are not high, but as long as you plan in place, grasping the target customer base, then often play a very good effect. By the end of the year, because the distribution of information on the site’s Web site, the site’s direct input address access to the customer is also up, through the line activities played a role in promoting the development of online business. read more

How to do a good job tracking competitors extrapolate

the rapid development of the Internet has laid a solid foundation for the globalization of the market economy, enterprises want to seek development, to explore a wider and wider consumer channels can not be separated from the role of the internet. Therefore, the vast majority of traditional enterprises will operate the project and the line moved online, Internet marketing has therefore become a hot marketing channels. Nowadays, enterprises at the beginning of the Internet, in addition to the usual method and pay attention to the promotion means, but also pay more attention to collection and utilization of information to competitors, only have enough competitors to do the enemy. Therefore, how to track the situation of competitors to do so has become the most important consideration of most of the online operation of enterprises. read more

What did not sell curve marketing at what

Do not call what "sell

". Today, I accidentally saw an article in this sentence.

feel pretty good, and some of my current marketing ideas fit.

then talk about the topic.

What is called "

" do not sell out what


in general, what to sell must be recommended that the product variety of selling points of various benefits.

is now a direct blunt sales and advertising, it is easy to get tired of psychology.

we do a product, but not directly promote the selling point of this product. read more

Do not cheat flow teach you how to do traffic

now grassroots webmaster, the most headache is the flow! No flow, your station is submerged in the ocean network.

nonsense does not say, in accordance with what I say, traffic is not a problem.

First of all,

analysis of your site is to do what, simply say that the location of your keywords. We can not do without the traffic, dragging the server resources do not say, but also bring business.

I do travel sites, which I do not stand, so that others say I cheat traffic.

I think I do travel station can also, but still by Baidu K. K can not say that I do not, I can only say that some of the links I ignored part. read more

The network again offering free shipping price war banner background alarm sounding network

after Dangdang and excellence, the Jingdong yesterday also announced the launch of Eslite mall and free shipping policy, marketing channel in front of the competition advantage. The day before, VANCL aged CEO still delayed delivery to apologize to consumers, Jingdong, Dangdang, Newegg also experienced the embarrassment of distribution line. The network through advertising, marketing and other price measures stronger in front of the consumers at the same time, it came to the construction of supporting system of the bridge before the background. read more

The station with long net domain DEDECATES Chrome Chinese Forum

September 3, 2008 Google chrome officially released, active on the network sale to respond quickly, cybersquatting related domain names, from cnchrome to chromecn, then chromechina, chinachrome, and type have been cooked, when millet qxbug smell the taste of agricultural Chrome is already in the afternoon of September 3rd, he was surprised to find the chrome domain name is cooked it is com, CN, and com.cn, in the eyes of the circle or the relative domain investor discrimination.


initiative has occupied by someone else, consider qxbug a few minutes, it seriously do a chrome forum, and the domain name is registered with the net senior minon disdain, he finally registered http://s.chromechina.net and quickly resolved to their own space, and the installation of the forum software. read more

B2B business model to the electricity supplier in the era of reform is still a flash in the pan

, such as the results of many online users, as in August 15th, the price war provoked by the Jingdong mall really ended with a funny ending. Go to discuss exactly who wins, already is not important, because the commercial architecture has created the industry gain victory with unstained swords will be the most rapid event marketing end.

The impact of the

price war is far more far-reaching than the price of the moment. To this end a lot of senior IT commentators give some meaningful answer, summed up the consensus that the future development of the Internet will enter a new era. And whether it is high traffic impact brought to the site or the logistics capacity between the manufacturer or the platform outside the capital, supply chain channel ability test, actually like a premeditated campaign. The final strategy is to distinguish the relationship between the user and the customer, change the decisive transfer of customer habits. read more

What should be done after the e-commerce website

buy, promotion so that a lot of e-commerce sites in the year before the sale of an unprecedented hot, Chinese customs and shopping habits is like this, there will be a relatively light year after year performance. So, whether you are a large e-commerce site or a Taobao shop, take this opportunity to do some thinking and summary. Editors from the following aspects to discuss with you what to do.

deal with related after-sales service issues

especially for the first time the transaction of the user, deal with after-sales service is the occasional consumption into a repeat consumption, improve the quality of the conversion rate of top priority. Which returns in the service accounted for an important proportion. After receiving the return requirements of the first reaction to the user’s influence is very large, so we must be responsible for the handling of the problem of the responsible person has a set of effective return system. Ensure that the user does not produce distrust, not satisfied with the situation. To summarize the customer’s complaints and comments. (added to the sales system behind the editor, which will become a valuable accumulation of your business after the operation of the goods, you can keep a user may be lost! read more

WAL-MART online and offline integration challenges Amazon push locker system


technology news Beijing time on March 27th afternoon, the world’s largest retailer, WAL-MART is planning to intensify the integration of physical stores and online testing technology, a new generation of storage system, in order to catch up with the e-commerce giant amazon.

force electricity supplier business

through the locker system, users can buy goods in the WAL-MART shop, then went to the WAL-MART store, take out the goods from the locker. In this way, the user can save the queue trouble, and to determine whether the items to buy to survive. Although WAL-MART in the retail industry, annual sales of $466 billion 100 million online to lead the pack, but the online sales of goods has fallen behind the Amazon and other e-commerce companies. Last year, Amazon’s sales amounted to $61 billion. read more

11 strange phenomenon low flow how to achieve the myth of the 57 billion 100 million

[Reuters] has 11 billion state power double curtain call, 57 billion 100 million high cold sales, Tmall did not drink and businesses were "the same song". In this field is doomed from the beginning, the business platform boon exhaustive things battle, no win-win conclusion. As in previous years, those businesses should always return in low spirits Tucao few, to vent their anger. But in the emotional outpouring, but also exposed a number of features presented this year, the double 11:

traffic: daytime do not understand the black night read more

Explore Amazon services understanding of e-commerce operations abroad

Amazon services:

1.sell on amazon:

Amazon marketplace, third party merchants to sell their products on amazon. Marketplace sales accounted for 30% of the overall sales of Amazon, I know the big sellers on the Amazon and eBay on the day of the sale of each of the 5000 goods. Seller system includes seller, PowerSeller and merchant, if there is no warehouse in the United States, you must use Amazon FBA service (fulfillment services by Amazon).

2.fulfillment services:

Amazon warehousing and distribution services, warehousing department according to the price of each commodity / area / day, according to the delivery of goods per freight charges. Combined with marketplace and by Amazon, third party merchants to deal with orders for the powered. read more

Beautiful said mogujie.com joint new strategy build a network of red ecology

June 15th news, the latest learned billion state power network, the beautiful said, mogujie.com, scouring the world for several months after the merger, the three party conference held today officially announced a new group named beautiful united group, and June will serve as the new group of CEO.

beautiful joint group conference site (pictured united group CEO June)

in the group announced a new name at the same time, beautiful united group also announced this year’s women’s consumption upgrade its new strategy, said after the beautiful united group was founded, will integrate the existing resources, including electricity, community, reds, content and so on, to serve as the female users. read more

E-commerce is still booming, but C2C has the trend of decadence

for the status quo of electronic commerce how much do you know about? Perhaps many users are in contact with the electronic commerce, the glossy surface of the industry, how to understand the insider, but less and less.

the beginning of the new year, the electricity supplier industry gradually revealed differences, B2C and C2C received different treatment. The former is favored by investors, on the contrary, the latter has not been decadent.

, for example, one of the music Amoy B2C enterprises, the new year to obtain financing success, good music to buy also received some financing. This directly affects the tendency of more enterprises, rely on the original share Taobao traffic and user enterprises begin to B2C camp. It seems that B2C business model of a strong rise in the past ten years, and play a leading role in the decline of C2C previews. read more

Dangdang trap double 11 promotional fee whirlpool

double 11 has not yet arrived, the overall electricity supplier platform Dangdang because, as in previous years, continue to charge a high number of businesses double 11 promotional fee, and suffered a strong rebound in business.

A day before

, dangdang.com (8.24, -0.09, -1.08%) of the merchant to the media broke the news that dangdang.com has sent a letter to the merchant, require businesses to pay "promotion fee", although in the letter did not indicate the promotion fee amount, but Dangdang sales staff through the QQ to inform businesses, need to pay 5000 yuan "promotion fee". read more

E-commerce must be integrated with enterprise information management

according to statistics, in 2009, China’s online shopping market (B2C+C2C) overall transaction size of 238 billion 800 million yuan, is expected in the next few years will maintain a growth rate of more than 35%, a huge market space. From 1999 8848 online mall as a symbol of the start operation, online shopping after more than and 10 years of development, has been flying into the homes of ordinary netizens. From sending e-mail to personal shopping, to electronic marketing, and then to the whole process of information, e-commerce has become an important part of the lives of Internet users. read more

Discussion on how to promote the group buying website

The arrival of the era of

B2C electronic commerce, followed by group purchase era, the online shopping population gradually increased, group purchase also quietly affecting people’s life and work, has spawned a large and small group purchase website. We often see a lot of buy site development and operation, so on the site to buy some of the optimization method.

group purchase website has their own clear characteristics is obviously, such as the value of concessions, it will let many users accept the popularity, of course, it is because of its characteristics, so time and simple in operation station is not the group purchase website. In addition to the implementation of the online and simple station similar to some of the other, under the line with the expansion of business cooperation is also a very important aspect. read more

Campus BBS Forum promotion program

first cable engine promotion:

Baidu search Google search Sogou search YAHOO search

second site navigation landing:


classification web site home 265 web site for 123. I want to pick and choose URL entertainment

web site URL URL 79p express Meiping Wide Web site

Chinese easou Tianlaizhiyin ball

general situation, navigation class web site provides a dedicated landing, directly fill in the website information and then submit it, and then wait for the webmaster included your station

third BBS Forum promotion: read more