Li Rui’s visit to the network network VNEXPO Hongkong wine show overweight overseas strategy

news May 25th, LETV holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui yesterday went to Hongkong to attend the 2016 VINEXPO convention, and comprehensively promote the landing of overseas strategic network network: Li Rui and concha Asia executive Cristian LOPEZ signed a strategic cooperation memorandum, deepen brand cooperation; and Mouton winery owner Philippe Rothschild on Sereys de products import and export cooperation exchange opinions; reached a strategic cooperation agreement with VINEXPO CEO Guillaume DEGLISE. Including the purchase of overseas wineries, capital mergers and acquisitions, wine investment and other news was implemented. read more

Tact rhyme cancelled cargo qualification rhyme said still sent airmail

daily news (reporter Xiao Wei Wang Cuiyi) accident air freight enterprises recently occurred in succession, and the bad behavior of false goods, hidden transport of dangerous goods, forcing the Chinese Air Transport Association (hereinafter referred to as the "China Aviation Association) opened the largest ticket. Including tact, several companies before the date of cancellation of air freight agent qualification, at the same time by the China Aviation Association led the largest civil aviation freight forwarding industry consolidation also launched an emergency. read more

Rebate door the era of consumption, my rebate who call the shots

the development of the Internet is always so fast, the merchant is always so keen sense of smell. Various promotions emerge in an endless stream, with free delivery, group purchase seckill, have been gradually known and accepted, also a new way of consumption also began to enter the user’s vision, quietly began to spread, and gradually become a part of the consumer online shopping life, this kind of consumption style is the rebate.

traditional offline sales, it is a popular way to get a commission agent, and with the rapid spread of the network, this approach also began to appear in the site. The rebate website belongs to this kind of commission mode as a rebate door webmaster, I am glad to show the new model, for the user, can reduce the consumption cost; for us, more an opportunity. Okay, well, today the rebate door through their own experience with the current form, and everyone on the whole of the rebate website drip, also welcome. read more

Customer Qi Qi Kai with the new domain name renamed the people’s network

April 22nd afternoon news, a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay, classified information website set Qi Chinese company ( has quietly started a new domain name ( As part of the replacement of corporate brand initiatives, Kijiji will be renamed "people" network.

public information display, customer collection Qi (Kijiji) is a member of the global eBay, its Chinese company was founded in 2005 by eBay in Shanghai. Today, Kijiji brands include Kijiji, Gumtree, LoQUo, Intoko, and Marktplaats, Kijiji site covers 20 cities and regions in the world’s more than and 300 cities. read more

NetEase koala sea purchase push New Year bright new season flagship authentic cheap

along with the approaching Spring Festival, the new year, the New Zealand koala sea purchase also scheduled arrival. From February 3rd to February 5th, three days of "New Year bright new season officially opened. It is reported that the new NetEase koala sea purchase online over 50 weeks every big super heavyweight, 1000, beauty makeup, maternal delicacy, global nutrition and health care, clothing shoes, bags, digital home appliances category of the new official debut. In order to ensure the pre holiday efforts, NetEase also launched a koala sea purchase audience full of 99 back to 300 huge benefit activities. read more

Some problems related to the domain name shady

      recently, a reader to reflect the DoNews, the domestic part of the domain name registration institutions suspected of using customer advisory materials secretly cybersquatting, after their transfer.

  according to some readers, in recent months, there are QiSheng electronics, Guangzhou Automotive Group, Meizu MP3, Hainan airlines and many other well-known enterprises is "occupation Chinese domain name, domain name registration services" cybersquatting case, which was registered by the same experience, the first is the query system of registered institutions in the domain name, then found that the original is not registered the domain name was registered suddenly. read more

The ename CN domain ultra low-cost 8 yuan per year

          CN domain name in 06 years promotional activities. The new network at the end of the year 20/ /, civilink then 17 yuan / year /   on the previous two years ago, the domain name of 280 yuan a year, is surprising, eye-opening, also let us see the hope of cn. Under the company promotions. Cn domain name registration amount exceeded the international domain name registration.  


            2007 Spring Festival is approaching, "China in the golden pig spring days, good news came Live, launched by Microsoft and renamed the live cooperation service, has become the region’s largest Chinese live mail services, this performance was certainly Microsoft headquarters. In addition, the majority of users concerned about the parking system will be officially opened,.Com domain name registration will also be on-line. In support of Microsoft headquarters, renamed Chinese decided to repay the majority of users on the occasion of the new year, the first batch of " ename investor " gold certification qualification.

          from February 12th to February 25th, as long as the disposable income of over 1000 yuan of the user, can low discount price of 8 yuan to the domain name pre registration, this activity is limited to new.Cn/ domain name registration, excluding renewals and transfer.  8 yuan plan China renamed the

activity price: 8 yuan / year, registered for 1 years. Active object: disposable income over 1000 yuan pre registration period: February 12th to February 25th, according to the pre registration system will have to submit a formal registration order. The scope of activities: limited to newly registered.Cn/, excluding renewals and transfer.           estimation of this activity. Will stir up a wave of CN registration market. You are crazy to dig CN domain resources. Cn domain name is good writings make people copy them.   read more

Selection of online advertising alliance skills

advertising alliance hundreds of home and abroad is more, for inexperienced newcomers, the choice of the alliance is a very headache thing. Before joining the League must be fully investigated, so as not to waste resources and energy, and finally a white hard. Vagaa network to make money today recommend a few choose online advertising alliance skills.

1, if this alliance QQ group, but it is the best, can enter the group members observe response, or add customer service QQ chat, do not rush to conclusions, at one or two weeks, you can know the basic quality of the alliance. This is the most accurate. For example, today a friend complained too point × if you enter into this alliance, alliance group to speak, see every day is the webmaster appeal for payment of the money, then this is the union of fools know not to do, so the friends into the group in advance if investigation is good. Another example, when the × alliance, into the group, no one to speak, very quiet, there is a problem with the customer directly to private chat solution, it is clear that some of the union to do. Those who do not speak are quietly making money. read more

Phoenix denied to enable as a new domain name

"the domain name is expensive and long, with Phoenix is also a little relationship, we can not buy." Recently, there are rumors that the Phoenix intends to enable as a new domain name, Phoenix related personnel to deny.

according to the insiders, will indeed enable the new domain in the end of the month, but not, never had contact with the domain name holder. The news is likely to be the opportunity to hype the domain name.

it is understood that the phoenix new domain name has been in place, but the specific situation is still in a state of strict confidentiality, must wait until the press conference in November 29th will be released on the same day. read more

Under the age of the United States, the embarrassment of the operation of the group

since 2012 electricity market is winter, group purchase has experienced a baptism of countless, group purchase rebate site failures, industry resources has been further integrated, adjusted to now, basically the rest of the U.S. group, glutinous rice and other little strong to continue to operate. In particular, the United States mission, not only because of the electricity supplier in winter to make the performance of blocked, but because of the winter to help themselves get rid of a few relatively large competitors, and with this advantage to achieve greater development. Now has grown to buy the industry deserved king, but any one industry can not be too easy to enjoy the existing achievements, otherwise it will be like NOKIA, Kodak as a historical memory. read more is the first person to introduce electricity supplier is responsible for the original Al

April 11th news, official confirmed that the former Alibaba executives Hong Bo will join, is fully responsible for the electricity supplier business. Hong Bo had in the name of the Alibaba sound Valley, was responsible for the Taobao life market, Taobao local life division, and 1688 industry operations.

billion state power network has learned, it is beautiful to say the merger is introduced for the first time in charge of the electricity supplier, after business by the founder and CEO June, co-founder and CTO Yue Xuqiang Co. read more

Jingdong Yan Soldier double 11 home appliances home court in Jingdong

once a year "double 11 online shopping Carnival Festival is coming, a new round of battle and kicks off. Recently, the general manager of Jingdong soldier group and vice president of home appliances division Yan said: "Jingdong" is the main position of double 11 online shopping appliances, all the needs of consumers can get the maximum satisfaction in Jingdong. We do not seek to reduce the number of single day sales figures, the pursuit of the whole year to maximize the consumer shopping experience." Yan Xiaobing more signalled the double 11 day Jingdong will put a lot of competitors in the annual maximum intensity equal to or lower the pre-sale price of household appliances explosive materials, when consumers can easily purchase, do not need to be completely seemingly attractive sale early binding. read more

17 hours and 28 minutes, Tmall double turnover has exceeded 11 of the 71 billion 900 million! 80 bil

A5 webmaster network ( November 11th news, as of 17:28, Tmall announced a double 11 transaction volume exceeded 71 billion 900 million.

according to the National Bureau of statistics data, in 2014 China’s total retail sales of social consumer goods 262394 yuan, an average of 71 billion 888 million. Today, 11:49:092015 Tmall double 11 turnover of over $57 billion 100 million, breaking the 2014 double 11 day trading volume record.

this year’s turnover will exceed 100 billion? Let us wait and see! read more

Corporate domain name dispute experts recommend investing in.Cn domain name

      in the face of more and more China enterprises and international companies in the domain name dispute in defeat, yesterday, in the Asian domain name dispute resolution and online seminar, experts said Chinese enterprises need to retreat to seek protection in order to ensure the localization, on the Internet investment.

Liu Zhijiang, assistant director of the China Internet Center, told reporters: "Chinese companies need to keep pace with the

domain name dispute resolution mechanism. At present, the legitimate rights and interests of the legal person of.Cn domain name are more secure; meanwhile, in the PK dispute of the.Cn domain name, the Chinese legal person has the advantage of defense in law and language, which is a long-term trend." read more

Red child O2O mode driven Suning wireless maternal category sales surge

speed transit network "many mothers are worried that the computer radiation will bring to baby, so they are accustomed to using a mobile phone, PAD mobile client to buy baby products, such as shopping convenience and peace of mind whenever and wherever possible." mobile shopping department responsible person told the reporter.

survey shows that the average annual birth of 16 million newborns in China, while the new generation of maternal and child groups per capita annual consumption of up to $18000 to $5000. According to estimates, by 2015, China’s total maternal and child market is expected to reach 2 trillion yuan. Along with China’s baby into the birth of the golden ten years, a huge mother and baby market shows attractive business opportunities, more and more companies will treasure on the mobile e-commerce. read more

Quest the story behind the Taobao ECRM

news yesterday, Taobao ECRM can already achieve online membership identification, and through membership points to get through online and offline transaction information and other functions, and the idea of data open to old customers, ECRM management tools provided free of charge to the seller, the seller to help build their own membership system.

Taobao ECRM system architecture

we can see from the chart by Taobao ECRM, can realize the synchronous management of traditional enterprise online and offline membership points, such as a VIP user on the first day of the online stores under the consumption of 100 yuan, increased 100 points; similarly, the flagship store on the online user consumption over 200 yuan, also accumulated 200 points; but on the third, the user can take two common 300 points accumulated, the purchase of goods through price change way, improve the purchase frequency and user stickiness. From the point of view of the user stickiness, Taobao ECRM can really allow enterprises to establish long-term and stable business relationship with customers. But this can fundamentally solve the contradiction between the traditional enterprise electric shock line and line it? read more

Dialogue Temple library Yang Jingyi how to solve the problem of luxury fakes

days ago, high-end consumer service platform Chinese Temple library together with Tencent, McKinsey released a "white paper" luxury consumer network (hereinafter referred to as the "white paper"), based on the site actual consumption records, provide the user behavior data for luxury brands, help more brands to enter the platform.

is reported that the white paper on the temple library platform for nearly three years of user data for multi-dimensional perspective analysis, the luxury network consumption path as a model for the brand to provide user behavior data. Temple library founder and CEO Li Rixue said that the release of the white paper data mainly from the temple library mobile terminal, so I believe it will be close to 100% accuracy rate". read more

How to solve the electricity supplier electricity supplier talent problem

talent is one of the obstacles the development of the electricity supplier, believe that every business enterprise more or less have this problem, as a rapidly developing e-commerce industry itself, this talent is relatively small. Then the face of electricity supplier talent we have to understand the following reasons:

first, the development of the electricity supplier industry too fast, can not be like other industries can slowly cultivate talent, resulting in a serious shortage of talent, which is also related to the rapid development of the Internet in recent years. read more

The network survival depends on talent and innovation

Product innovation is the most important way to give access to high profits, and many network operators have started to adjust the direction of the business. Survey shows that 78% of the network operators believe that the "network marketing ability" is the first essential ability of network operators to do business in the network; second is the ability to integrate all resources, about 68% net approval; ranked third in the "product innovation", 67% network recognition

  yesterday, sponsored by the "electronic commerce world" magazine, Alibaba, "Chinese network business survival and Development Seminar on the" report "Chinese network survival development conference held in Beijing. The report shows, 24% years of network e-commerce transactions of more than 30% of its total business volume; 75% enterprises engaged in e-commerce network to arrange, and demand for talent is the primary demand of the network to have; integrated B2B platform, industry websites and search engines become the network operators to carry out three channels of electronic commerce. Survey, read more

What is the real e-commerce

e-commerce is developing very fast, but also very blind. When asked what e-commerce is, I believe that one hundred people have a person ‘s argument, because it is difficult to define. So what exactly is e-commerce? That’s what I want to say.

e-commerce + e-commerce =

with the wide application and development of computer and Internet in China, many computer technology companies began to establish electronic information platform, which will match the needs of enterprises or individuals. For example, House365, Taobao, eBay and 51job, etc., are to some extent to meet the individual’s information acquisition or consumer demand. In the enterprise business demand side, Alibaba, global resources and Chinese manufacturing network as a platform to everyone for having heard it many times. This platform has attracted a lot of enterprises, enterprises in order to obtain their output and interests, to launch their own business and product information, will help the electronic information platform and improve the addition of a large amount of information, but also to attract buyers to a certain extent. In the context of increasing information, the platform also launched Banner advertising, ranking and other businesses, allowing companies to spend more money to get additional display or possible attention. read more