Was arrested after 2 years of copyright infringement Pirate Bay co-founder abscond

NetEase Francisco June 2nd message, according to Reuters, the Swedish police said on Saturday that the file sharing site the Pirate Bay (Pirate Bay) a co-founder arrested in southern Sweden, he will because of infringement in the past 2 years and the long term copyright suit.

Interpol has been wanted by Peter, co-founder of Pirate Bay since 2012; · (Peter) (Sunde). The Swedish National Police Commission spokeswoman Carolina · Ike Jos (Carolina Ekeus) said: "since 2012 we have been arrested him, he has been sentenced to 8 months imprisonment, so he must serve." read more

P2P shuffle on the eve of the three front entanglements regulation, innovation, risk

P2P ten regulatory principles

it is difficult to use the outbreak of the year to define the P2P in 2014, regardless of the number of platforms or the size of the transaction, the outbreak of P2P from 2013 until now, seems far from over. According to net loan home data, the number of platforms in 2014 is expected to increase to 1600, the total turnover of about 250 billion yuan, an increase of more than 2013 and 136%, respectively, and 100%.

but it is actually a year forming rules of the game: the establishment of supervision to the CBRC to lead, and draw a "red line" principle; the East venture and loans to help the event to accept judicial examination; third party custody set up "to a pool of funds account system become a widely accepted anti illegal means. read more

Network marketing three questions buyers come from

now more and more enterprises to carry out network marketing, which is the progress of society, marketing revolution. However, it is not difficult to find that there are quite a lot of enterprise network marketing is not successful, the network marketing confusion and loss, and "love" and "hate"".

and traditional marketing, network marketing is the most important thing is to find buyers, to reach a deal. Network marketing is not furnishings, and must be to bring customers and sales. Profit is the ultimate goal of the marketing activities of enterprises. From this point of view to understand the network marketing, we will feel relaxed a lot, so as not to be confused by the many network marketing product "colorful". read more

Admin5 advertising alliance information channel formally launched

Admin5 alliance information channel enabled two domain name u.admin5.com formally launched.


channel aims to create the most comprehensive Internet advertising platform with the most recommended, while finishing the released novice webmaster do some advertising skills and experience, choice for the majority of owners in the process of network money plays a guiding role and.

although the channel is currently only in the embryonic form of the plan, but I believe that the majority of the webmaster and the alliance’s attention and support will gradually enrich and play a more practical role. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast network marketing fraud 500 million arrested everyone in the film the la

1 MLM MLM leader fraud overseas arrest of $500 million had refused to persuade back to

today we pay attention to a case of network marketing. It is not only a concern, because in this case the huge amount of money involved, and the principal very special case. From 2008 onwards, the principal Lumou overseas in long term planning and organization of illegal network marketing activities, and dual passports, in a number of countries who commit crimes. In July this year, Lumou was included in the list of hunting. The Ministry of Public Security issued a red warrant through Interpol, Lumou arrested in November 15th in Papua new guinea. read more

s called the lost beloved we really lost

media will now where the customer is called "" suffered a midlife crisis; " the customer", we can see in the hundreds of Baidu, where the customer is called "lost" beloved "" 100 for why we called "lost pet" list is the two point of view is Affirmative. Backed by Lei hope; the copy millet will die.

Don’t talk about

first agree with either point of view, first, netizens on the pros and cons of the vote, of course we can not say the future development, depends on the vote, but the vote can be seen more friends will support customers. As I write this article, Affirmative (backed by Lei hope) accounted for 30% of the vote, the opposition (copy millet will die) accounted for 70%. From this we can see, where the situation now is really not very good. "" suffered a midlife crisis; " every guest" in the text, the author said: Eslite today, like a middle-aged, there is too much remorse for the past, the future is full of confusion. Today, there is a certain competition in any industry, of course, the electricity supplier in the field of clothing this is fierce competition. The industry has said, every guest clothing brand to fade, line and pilling quality problems such as almost all occupied. I haven’t bought for VANCL, clothing, for the quality of people in the industry say, can not make a positive answer. read more

Rookie do a few years of domestic advertising experience

    I have been a domestic advertising alliance for a year, and here’s the story of the year.

    when entering the online advertising is because the previous life is really not going to be mixed, it should be some friends know the Internet card those things, huh, huh, I was taking delivery of goods to the two traffickers. Ha ha, then do not continue to study the online advertising.
    began to concentrate on the study of CMS, do the template, and so on, almost ALEXA. It is a headache, because there is no ranking will not be able to pick up the ads, began to think of ways to brush, the beginning of a lot of articles to see, on the use of mobile browser ah! Or what the brush alliance, and then a little bit to understand how to improve ALEXA. The best way to start is to buy some meat J, then let us buddy, to write a program, then automatically install the ALEXA toolbar and hide open IE to browse their website to promote, in the short term is to achieve a certain promotion, later found ranking being punished. The reason is judged to be mutual brush. To study the data packets sent by ALEXA. What what what the AID! The most benefit was two this one is in the Haier brothers on the forum, there is one in a sina BLOG expert. At this time, a special agent with the ALEXA data packets, then study together. After testing a demerit. Because ALEXA is the next day out of the data, then really understand how hard it is waiting. At that time, the earthquake, submarine cable broken. There is no way to test, and then solve the problem is also a tool to solve the problem of upgrading ALEXA ALEXA. Now the price is very cheap to brush ALEXA, but here to do a friend of domestic advertising a proposal. Please brush ALEXA brush to 20W within the 30W enough to not let the day into the 10W. Otherwise, ALEXA’s peak will kill you. read more

How to determine how to promote and operate according to the amount of information on the site

The general nature of the

website, search engine marketing, selling products, is feasible, but as our website operation began to promotion of the energy input to the search engine marketing, bring traffic to the site and return. Each stage of the website operation, will use different methods to determine how to promotion and operation according to the amount of information website, according to the successful case of my personal practice and friends, think the following method is more appropriate. read more

Talk about the failure of unfamiliar street social marketing management from the topic of micro-blog

unfamiliar street in the negligence of many other social media may have been quietly unfamiliar street beat, the title can be called if micro-blog topic to death in unfamiliar street, but he is still relatively unfamiliar street support, this paper is just to remind.

Each upgrade

WeChat will be discussed widely in the circle of friends and micro-blog, and each time the discussion is on the WeChat brand awareness and influence in a prompt, unfamiliar street version of the software upgrade, is "Mo Mo" no smell, a high degree of concern, because WeChat WeChat every time before the upgrade hearsay revealed in advance, on the other hand the responsibility reflects the unfamiliar street for lack of maintenance and upgrade topic of speculation. read more

The countryside whitewashing business also need the nternet thinking Rural Entrepreneurship

now "whitewashing" the price of expensive


is at the end of last century, returning from abroad "sea turtles" found China the uncultivated virgin as many people excited about the Internet, to plunge into the country. In addition to Alibaba, Jingdong such giants, there are more opportunities for entrepreneurs to smell.

is a village music "whitewashing" the company has often boarded technology headlines; classified information platform ganji.com will focus on migrant workers after the recruitment period revenue a year up to 800 million yuan every day; Internet analyst Xia Tian for business electricity supplier fresh…… Zhu Cheng, Liu Tao, pan apple is just a beginning, a large number of entrepreneurs in the fields of farmers, can look forward to using the Internet to change the virgin land. read more

Sea Amoy transition difficult more than 90% of the goods are difficult to get brand authorization

cross-border electricity supplier New Deal transition year has been finalized, for most of the electricity supplier, it is not the time to make decisions.

customers to buy imported goods

recently, a number of cross-border electricity supplier company told the surging news (www.thepaper.cn) said in an interview, not willing to give up the bonded import mode, although in a year’s time to complete the new registration and filing requirements, businesses also have a lingering fear, a year can make appropriate arrangements." read more

Electricity supplier new year Keywords cross-border, rural, mobile

Alibaba and Jingdong for the domestic electricity supplier industry ushered in the "high light moment" in the concentration of IPO in 2014, and the double 11 day international order blowout also reflects the domestic consumer demand for cross-border trade. Analysts believe that the depth of integration of the mobile Internet in 2015, the electricity supplier companies will compete for the side of the cross-border electricity supplier bonus, while opening up the rural electricity supplier this blue ocean market, while facing the pressure of mobile terminal transformation. read more

How to do a Witkey

you have a blog? Do you have a podcast? Well, you are in recent years, Witkey? The Internet gradually popular word "Witkey", what is Witkey Witkey originates from English? Witkey, refers to the personal knowledge and the ability to help others to complete the task, so as to obtain the reward staff wangzhuan. In today’s Web site of every hue, are filled with a tender and witkey. Many of my friends have witnessed a Witkey success, also hope that through their own efforts to become a valuable witkey. The so-called "360 line", then how can we do the Witkey family? Here are some experience to help push the enterprise network to share the read more

Make up the short board trade in bulk trade B2B electricity supplier tide again

With the introduction of the national electricity supplier

state eight and other policies and capital continue to intervene, B2B block trading platform has been on the air. Prior to looking for steel net to get $100 million D round of investment, looking for plastic network to get 300 million yuan venture capital and even the first category of large trade B2B cross-border trading platform poly trade related dynamics continue to stimulate the industry’s nerves.

recently, Zhejiang poly trade Agel Ecommerce Ltd (referred to as "poly trade") chairman Lu Hongxiang to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter pointed out that in the "Internet plus" era to solve the Chinese manufacturing industry is facing the lack of funds, low profits, low quality of the "short board", provides an opportunity for the B2B bulk trading platform explosive development. read more

Calm thinking on the double eleven price war

annual double eleven coming, Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, dangdang…… In almost all the network business platform began to prepare this year’s eager for a fight, "Hui Style war" on the occasion, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently banned electric double eleven discount price using the reference price, require businesses to remove all the "Jingdong" price "," reference price "," price "," discount "and other words, can only hold the promotion price. Since this seems to have not started the double eleven shopping Carnival in advance poured a pot of cold water, major businesses not only to the State Administration for Industry and commerce to move more to see Chen Chen, continue to favor. Tomorrow, the most popular annual electricity supplier climax will come. read more

With the purchase of cross-border electricity supplier hot secret a little bit was opened

The price is

, the rise of the initiator of evil and the decline of the remote event.

buy a LV handbag to the best French Paris province to spread down can buy another LV handbags; China half is the price of a jar of A2 milk in Australia; if you want to buy Coach, the outlet is the best option accepted…… Chinese consumers are looking for cheaper, better quality products globally.


in 2008 after the domestic milk, consumers are no longer naive, to win the trust. The issue of food safety has led to a lack of consumer confidence in the market outside the reverie. Thanks to the Internet, they have found a new way to buy, please buy a person in another country, sent back through the logistics agency. read more

Selling furniture on the nternet, can sell the next KEA

to become a IKEA, you must sell enough, sell cheap enough, if you use the electricity supplier to do the way, more than the physical business advantage?

5 years ago, China from Foshan businessman Lining and British retail business online travel company lastminute.com founder Brent Hoberman, Chloe Macintosh and Julien Callede et al in England co founded the furniture business website Made.com, they will be the exclusive furniture design drawings posted on the website, by consumers voted favorite style furniture the design of users to vote to elect the China directly in the factory orders, and then to sell products to consumers around the world by sea. read more

Loss of Le bee network, vip.com will not pull the hind legs Vip.com will be how to treat

vip.com’s fourth quarter results far exceeded Wall Street expectations, stock prices would rise, March 4th intraday market capitalization topped $10 billion mark, after becoming the Tencent, Baidu, Qihoo Chinese Internet fourth listed companies. Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other enterprises have been left behind. We are interested in is what is vip.com? You know there are some other commercial enterprises listed overseas, such as Mcglaughlin, dangdang.com and so on, of course, there are other listed companies, but why vip.com can achieve such results? What are the places worth exploring behind read more

The electronic commerce industry cluster from Yiwu and Huaqiang North to start

He Hongwei, founder of

million mall a little trouble recently, although in recent years his business kept high-speed growth, this year’s turnover of nearly 100 million yuan, but the scale is larger, the more he felt the bottleneck.

was founded in 2006 is a million mall stationed in Yiwu B2B platform, commodity clusters rooted in Yiwu, 10000 mall has become one of Yiwu’s largest independent B2B platform. On 2005, He Hongwei due to university graduates looking for work around the wall, had Taobao opened a shop, selling various goods from Yiwu small commodity city into, including the lamp and the peculiar shape of the children’s toys, color colorful umbrellas mean, small commodity has a superb collection of beautiful things. Later, because of the growing size of the business, in 2006 He Hongwei opened an independent B2B online mall. read more

nternet plus era vertical electric burn how to jump out of the circle

introduction: O2O had to admit that, in most areas, through the burn to seize market share and win over users is still the most simple and effective means. Vertical class electricity supplier how to break the curse of the deep loss? The upstream supply chain; the highlight line experience, build O2O closed loop; the precision marketing; warehousing logistics is the priority among priorities.

in 2014, the "national entrepreneurship" boom in 2015 is still continuing, but I believe most entrepreneurs have a clear feeling that the money is not as good as investors had to take. Capital venture capital has become cautious in 2015, the same is a more obvious change is that as long as the venture capital projects are willing to drop huge capital admission, it can be described as very obvious polarization. read more