The Future of IoT with Kids

first_imgThere is no question that the future is “The Internet of Things, IoT for Kids. While the concept may seem complex, the basics of IoT are pretty simple. Objects that we interact with everyday (including phones, watches, thermostats, speakers, lightbulbs, etc) are all connected to the internet. This allows them to communicate with us, with each other, and add in a little machine learning, you’ve got a system of interconnected devices that help make your life simpler. Homes are getting smarter and the IoT device list is ever increasing, but so is the opportunity as a parent to help your kids learn from and grow with them.IoT with Kids Is GrowingFrom being able to view the inside of your fridge with your phone at the grocery store, to monitoring your smoke alarm or toothbrush with your smart watch, the vast inventory of available IoT items is staggering. Practically every device on the planet can be designed with the cloud in mind. You can track your heart rate, temperature, what food is left in the fridge, your kid’s location, whether you’re brushing your teeth too hard or not hard enough, and just about anything else you could possibly want to know through a connected device. Gartner estimates 8.4 billion IoT devices were used across the world in 2017. That is a 31% growth since 2016. And that number is only going to get bigger. IoT device usage is estimated to climb to 20.4 billion by 2020.With the slew of connected devices, WiFi is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. The world is getting smarter, and future generations will have to keep up with it. What’s surprising is that, so far, they are. Have you ever noticed that some toddlers are better at operating smart phones than many of us adults? My daughter knew how to pose for a selfie long before she knew how to say the word “mama”. What Does This Mean For Our Kids?Not that we want to imagine our kids’ future careers right off the bat, but it’s pretty cool that so many companies are jumping on board with teaching kids to code. Even devices like Amazon’s Alexa might one day be able to teach you a foreign language.  Imagine life before Google, and the ability to go from question to reasonably researched answer within seconds. Now imagine that our children are growing up in a world where information is not only readily available, but accessible no matter your location. (Seriously, I have answered my doorbell from another country.) The Internet was just the beginning, now we have an entire Internet, of things. There are so many devices to help you and your kids stay connected, healthy and safe.The Internet of Things has even made toys smart. A connected toy means that your child’s experience is dynamic, ever-changing, and will only keep getting better thanks to software updates. This technology is enabling children to construct, play, and even code their own content into toys. Connected toys are getting kids interested in STEM not only by teaching them to understand logic, but enabling them to see their own work come to life in real-time.Peace of MindSmart devices give you the ability to change the thermostat without needing to lift a finger, but they also give parents peace of mind. If you’re a little tech savvy, you can know what your kids are up to at all times. Stalking your child is not effective. However, with the push of a button you can tell if they were at Julie’s house, or Jenny’s house. Parents are able to track their kids’ location, whether it be through the kid’s phone, smart watch, or any other connected device. And the benefits go beyond security.  For today’s time-starved parent, convenience is just as crucial. “We’ve seen an increasing number of parents signing their kids up for classes and camps because they can ‘check in’ through smart devices” said Suzanne Felson, the founder of Reso, a curator of kid’s activities in the Bay Area. After most moms experience how easy location-based technology has made it for them to find a book a new activity for their kids, their typical response is “God, I really needed this years ago” according to Felson.So many dreams for you and for your children can be realized with these IoT devices. It would be a shame not to learn about them and incorporate them into your parenting system. Just for a moment, think of all the technological developments you’ve witnessed growing up. Now imagine your kid being able to replicate that code, as a toddler. I’m not saying that every kid is the next coding genius, but technology gives me hope. The possibilities are endless. But in order to do all that we want to with the IoT — and still keep our families safe — we will need to understand the mechanism better.Trouble in ParadiseThere are definitely security concerns with all of these connected devices flooding the marketplace. We basically have the capability of assigning an IP address to every atom on Earth. But hey, business idea! As the necessity of these devices (and how easy they make day to day life) increases, so will the potential for security risks. For now, parents need to monitor this aspect of IoT with kids.  From your coffee maker and heating and cooling system to your connected car, you don’t need to be scared of these devices — but you do need to be cognizant of keeping your information secure. Connected devices are here, and will become ever more ubiquitous over the years.Even with security concerns, the Internet of Things has improved many aspects of my life (and my child’s life). And will absolutely continue to do so as she gets older. Truthfully, I almost feel bad for my kid. I will know where she is at every moment of every day. And I’m the kind of mom who will constantly be rolling her eyes at.  With all of the smart technology in IoT, she will be capable of technological advancements I would have never thought possible. And she won’t be able to get away with nearly the amount of things I did when I was her age. But as a parent, that’s the dream, and the future here, is very bright. Internet of Things Makes it Easier to Steal You… Serenity Gibbons Follow the Puck Related Posts center_img Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Tags:#connected kids#engagement#kids#top Small Business Cybersecurity Threats and How to…last_img read more

Lava launches selfie phone Iris X5

first_imgWith the launch of Iris X5 smartphone, Lava has also joined the selfie league.The device sports a 5 -megapixel auto-focus front camera and BSI+ sensor, that will help a user click better photographs in dim light. Other than the sensor the camera is backed by a LED flash. The gadget comes with a 5 inch 1280 x 720 resolution IPS display and features an 8 MP rear camera. The device runs on Android 4.4 KitKat processor powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and 1 GB RAM. The pricing of the device suggests that it will be powered by a MediaTek processor. Iris X5 provides 8 GB internal storage which can be expanded to up to 32 GB with a microSD memory card. It will come packed with a 2100mAh battery and a dual mic which eliminates unwanted sounds for a clearer phone conversation.Lava Iris X5 is likely to pose a threat to Sony Xperia C3 is it mirrors its specifications n most of the departments and is likely to come at a much cheaper price. There is a slight variation in a few features including battery size since Xperia C3 has a 2500 mAh battery and a 5.5 inch screen with along with the advanced 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor. Unlike Iris X5 Xperia C3 also features 4G LTE.    Considering all the variations there is a huge price gap between the two smartphones. While Iris X5 is priced at 87999, Xperia C3 costs 23990, a price which is almost 3 times as high as Lava.last_img read more

Mithali Raj has got good reasons to be peeved: Farokh Engineer

first_imgMithali Raj’s scathing remarks against coach Ramesh Powar in a strongly-worded letter of complaint to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has left Indian women’s cricket searching for answers to questions in the aftermath of the World T20 selection controversy.While Powar told India Today he had ‘no comments’ to offer, he is expected to communicate his side of the story when he meets BCCI CEO Rahul Johri and General manager Saba Karim on Wednesday.Former India cricketer Farokh Engineer finds it dispiriting that the Indian women’s cricket success story is getting lost in the ugly dressing-room melee.Amitabh Chaudhary stunned, Mithali Raj letter to BCCI not shared with secretary”It saddens me because women’s cricket has made so much progress. Mithali Raj is a fabulous player. She had got 50’s in the tournament and she was dropped. She has got good reasons to be peeved off,” he told India Today.Mithali Raj accuses coach Ramesh Powar of bias: He humiliated meContents of Mithali’s letter, now out in the open, mean the issue has now snowballed into a controversy much beyond just a selection matter. Mithali has acussed Powar of humiliation in front of the team.Also read: Will Mithali Raj retire from T20Is after World T20 fiasco in West Indies?Recalling the details of how she learnt the news of being dropped from the all important semi-finals, she writes, “It is when Harman walked to toss, he (Powar) came running to me and said that they were going with the same team. It meant the whole team knew who were playing and it was just me who was not aware.advertisementAlso read – Manipulative, lying, cheat: Mithali Raj’s manager lashes out at Harmanpreet Kaur”Also, when the team was getting ready to field in the second innings, it is customary that even those who aren’t playing should join the team huddle as it has always been the norm in our team. But to insult me that day, he sent a word through the manager to tell that it was only the playing eleven that can join in the huddle and the rest can go back to dugout making us feel as outcasts. It was worrying and insulting because the coach was out to destroy and humiliate me.Also read: Ganguly relates to Mithali’s omission from World T20 semi-final: ‘Welcome to the group'”I couldn’t control my tears having given it my all for 20 years. It seemed my efforts had no value,” Mithali wrote.Also read: Mithali Raj ‘terribly disappointed’ after World T20 semis axing, says personal coachEngineer refused to react directly on Mithali’s allegations but repeated she did not deserve to be dropped. “I wasn’t there so I am in no position to comment. But I think it was ridiculous. On merit she deserved to be in the team without a doubt,” he said.last_img read more

Seabourn Reveals Name of New Expedition Ship

first_imgCruise line Seabourn has announced the name of its first ultra-luxury purpose-built expedition ship.To be named Seabourn Venture, the newbuilding is scheduled to be launched at Mariotti Damen Cruise yard in Italy in June 2021.Today, we’re thrilled to announce the name of our first ultra-luxury purpose-built expedition ship, “Seabourn Venture,” drawing on our heritage in providing expedition experiences.#SeabournVenture is scheduled to launch in June 2021.— Seabourn (@SeabournCruise) March 13, 2019The 264-passenger Seabourn Venture will be followed by a second yet-to-be-named sister expedition vessel slated to launch in May 2022.Both 170-meter-long 23,000 gross ton vessels will fly the flag of the Bahamas, VesselsValue’s data shows.To reach some of the most remote destinations in the world, each ship will be constructed with the hardware and technology necessary to operate capably, according to the company.In addition, the ships will be able to operate with a high level of autonomy, which will allow them to travel farther than many ships sailing today. Both vessels will have global deployment capability, which will see them venturing farther north and south than any ship in Carnival Corporation history.The hull for Seabourn’s expedition ships will be constructed to PC6 Polar Class standards, making them capable of summer & autumn operation in medium first-year ice in Antarctica, the Arctic, and other destinations. Propulsion will be delivered by Azipods, giving the ships greater maneuverability, complemented by three bow thrusters.The first ship is currently planned to sail in the Arctic in late summer 2021, with a full summer season in Antarctica to follow.Seabourn currently operates a fleet of five ultra-luxury ships.last_img read more

Lexamen abordera la représentation juste et effective

first_imgLa commission indépendante formée de huit membres souligne que les commentaires des Néo-Écossais seront essentiels pour assurer une représentation juste et effective des électeurs lors des élections générales provinciales. La commission responsable de l’examen des circonscriptions électorales provinciales de la Nouvelle-Écosse a tenu sa première réunion le 31 janvier, un mois après avoir reçu son mandat, élaboré par le comité spécial de l’Assemblée législative sur l’établissement d’une Commission de délimitation des circonscriptions électorales. À l’aide des données du dernier Recensement du Canada, la Commission examinera et déterminera les limites des circonscriptions de façon à ce que la Chambre d’assemblée ne compte pas plus de 52 sièges. Les limites doivent être établies avant la fin de l’année 2012. « Les commentaires des Néo-Écossais seront très importants dans le cadre de ce processus et motiveront le travail de la Commission, a dit Teresa MacNeil, présidente de la Commission. Nous allons respecter le mandat qui nous a été donné par le comité spécial, mais nous comprenons que les communautés de la province ont des inquiétudes. C’est pourquoi il est important que les Néo-Écossais nous soumettent leurs points de vue. » La Commission invitera les conseils et l’appui des Néo-Écossais par des soumissions écrites et par leur participation à une série de rencontres publiques. La Commission utilisera également un site Web et les médias sociaux pour annoncer l’horaire des rencontres publiques et les autres possibilités de participation, s’il y a lieu. Prenant en considération l’importance de cet enjeu pour les populations culturelles et linguistiques, et aussi le rapport final de la commission de 2002, Mme MacNeil réitère que la détermination des limites des circonscriptions électorales provinciales définit à quel endroit le vote d’une personne sera compté, et protège ainsi les droits démocratiques des Néo-Écossais à l’égalité politique. Le mandat stipule que les circonscriptions, nonobstant les écarts de 25 p. 100, peuvent être formées de façon à respecter la diversité linguistique et culturelle, en particulier celle des communautés acadiennes et afro-néo-écossaises de la province. Le mandat stipule également que la population d’une circonscription ne peut pas dévier de plus ou de moins de 25 p. 100 du nombre moyen d’électeurs par circonscription. La Commission présentera son rapport préliminaire au plus tard le 31 mai. Ensuite, elle continuera de tenir des rencontres publiques en vue de la préparation de son rapport final, qui doit être soumis au plus tard le 31 août. Selon la loi sur la Chambre d’assemblée (House of Assembly Act), un examen des limites des circonscriptions électorales doit avoir lieu tous les 10 ans afin d’ajuster ces limites en fonction des mouvements de population, s’il y a lieu.last_img read more

Bellegarde says pipeline expansion may go forward if shipping terminal moved

first_imgOTTAWA – The national chief of the Assembly of First Nations says the federal government would find it easier to get the Trans Mountain pipeline built if it moves the route and the marine shipping terminal to avoid Indigenous communities that are oppose the project.Perry Bellegarde said many Indigenous communities believe in the need to diversify export markets for Canadian resources through work to transition to a clean energy economy.However, he acknowledged there are some communities along the coast, notably the Squamish First Nation and the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, that will never support the pipeline, which in its current format affects a marine terminal in the traditional territory of the Tsleil-Waututh, and would bring additional oil tankers through traditional waters of the Squamish.“So why not move (the terminal)? Why don’t you move it to Tsawwassen?” Bellegarde said in a wide-ranging interview Monday with The Canadian Press.“They’re not going to change their mind, so why not find a different outlet? It might take a little longer, but it’s a win-win-win.”Bellegarde said he spoke to chiefs who support of the idea of a terminal near Tsawwassen — but Tsawwassen First Nation Chief Bryce Williams said Monday he is not one of them.His community neither supports the pipeline nor the idea of moving the terminal to land that abuts his community, Williams said.In 2015, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley pushed the idea of the Tsawwassen terminal in Delta, B.C., arguing it might get more local support than the plan to expand the existing Westridge Marine Terminal in Burnaby, B.C. The latter would see another six or seven oil tankers each week try to navigate the tricky Burrard Inlet and Vancouver Harbour, while the Tsawwassen location poses environmental risks from those additional tankers to the Fraser River Estuary.Kinder Morgan Canada dismissed the Tsawwassen location because of those environmental concerns, as well as an estimated $1.2 billion cost needed to make the pipeline 14 kilometres longer and build a trestle in the Straight of Georgia to support it.The federal government has yet to announce how it plans to re-engage with Indigenous communities after the Federal Court of Appeal overturned approval for the pipeline expansion, citing insufficient Indigenous consultations. The court also criticized the National Energy Board for failing to do a proper review of what impact additional oil tanker traffic would have on sensitive marine ecosystems and, specifically, the endangered Southern resident killer whales.Last week Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi ordered the board to go back and do such a review of oil tanker traffic and provide a new recommendation on the pipeline before the end of February.Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said that plan only adds delays and argued Ottawa should instead appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court of Canada and legislate the project into existence. That includes supporting a private members’ bill from Alberta Se. Doug Black that reaffirms federal jurisdiction for the project.Scheer also wants emergency legislation to use an existing Trans Canada review of oil tanker traffic in lieu of the NEB repeating that work, which he said would satisfy the court’s conditions. He added more Indigenous consultation does need to happen, and suggested the appointment of a ministerial special representative to oversee the process.He also said many communities have signed benefit agreements as partners in the pipeline and no one community should be able to halt it entirely.“We certainly don’t believe that the 30-plus Indigenous communities who had signed agreements, who are going to see real benefits in their communities, should have to go without those advantages because a smaller group of people are simply opposed to it,” he said.Sohi’s press secretary, Vanessa Adams, said the Conservatives have no reason to complain given their shoddy environmental review was the one the court rejected in this case, and in previous ones the courts also rejected.However, Sohi’s office has yet to respond to the idea of moving the marine terminal. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said two weeks ago he was open to the idea of moving the suggested route, but hasn’t been clear on what changes he is considering.Canada now is in full charge of the pipeline, having purchased it from Kinder Morgan last month for $4.5 billion. Ottawa stepped in hoping that federal ownership would provide the political certainty to get it built, and the government intends to sell it to a private-sector buyer after the project expansion is completed.last_img read more

Mahinda accuses Chandrika of insulting the SLFP

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has expressed “much regret” over comments made by former President Chandrika Kumaratunga to the foreign media and accused her of insulting the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP).Rajapaksa said that Mrs Kumaratunga is a former leader of the SLFP and a current member of the Central Committee and co-Patron of our party and whatever she tells the foreign media while on overseas trips, reflects on the SLFP and the country. He also noted that almost all the SLFP stalwarts Mrs Kumaratunga refers to were MPs and ministers in her government as well. I took over the party that she left behind.“So her statement to The Hindu amounts to an admission that she too presided over a party full of murderers and rogues. The irony is that though no charge of wrongdoing has been proven against the SLFP members Mrs Kumaratunga hurls accusations at, she herself has been found guilty of an irregular land deal by the Supreme Court. There are many serious allegations of similar nature against Mrs Kumaratunga. There were times she had to reverse certain actions due to public outrage. Whether such a person has the moral standing to go around the world, accusing prominent members of the SLFP of being corrupt is a matter for the people to decide,” Rajapaksa added. “No Indian would ever see a former leader (or a Central Committee member or Patron) of the Congress Party or The BJP expressing joy at the defeat of his or her own political party in that manner. While that alone would be cause for much shame and embarrassment for all members of the SLFP and the UPFA, some of the things that she said about our party are positively insulting. She had told The Hindu that she had difficulties in looking around for an SLFP front ranker to contest against me because “it was difficult to find anyone in the SLFP who wasn’t known to be corrupt or a murderer”. When the co-Patron and a sitting Central Committee member of the SLFP tells the foreign media that members of her own party are virtually all rogues or murderers, that reflects very badly on our party,” Rajapaksa said. Rajapaksa urged Kumaratunga not to allow her personal hatred for him to blind her to the fact that she is a former leader of the party and co-Patron and sitting Central Committee of the SLFP and that she owes it to the SLFP members not to go around the world insulting and running down her own party. (Colombo Gazette) The former President, now a member of parliament, said that throughout an interview with The Hindu, Mrs Kumaratunga expressed her elation and glee at being able to defeat the SLFP led United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) government of which he was the president and she dwelt garrulously on her own role in the conspiracy. Rajapaksa also denied allegation that his government monitored phone calls adding that if they did then the same equipment would now be available to the present government.He also noted that when he took over from Mrs Kumaratunga in 2005, there was a separate state in the country in all but name.“Terrorists were ruling about a third of the country. For more than a decade, the country had seen very little development. During my tenure, I am proud to say that I concentrated on solving the country’s problems. I saw to it that terrorism was eliminated and that the country was developed. I did not spend my time persecuting my political opponents or go around the world maligning my own party and bringing disgrace upon my country. All members of the SLFP should be mindful that Mrs Kumaratunga’s statements about our party only goes to strengthen our opponents at our expense. We should be working to strengthen our party not to weaken it further,” he said. read more

Ohio States Deshaun Thomas to declare for 2013 NBA Draft

Ohio State’s Deshaun Thomas is declaring for the 2013 NBA Draft. The junior forward announced his decision to forgo his senior season Friday afternoon through a university press release. After helping guide the Buckeyes to an NCAA Tournament run that ended in an Elite Eight loss to Wichita State March 30 in Los Angeles, Thomas said it’s the right time to take his game to the next level. “My three years at Ohio State have been the best years of my life,” Thomas said in a released statement. “I have grown tremendously as an individual and as a basketball player. I intend to return to finish my degree, but I believe that now is the best opportunity to pursue my dream and begin my career as a professional basketball player.” After leading OSU and the Big Ten in scoring this season with 19.8 points per game, Thomas was named a third-team Associated Press All-American and a media and coaches first-team All-Big Ten selection. The Fort Wayne, Ind., native scored 773 points last season, a figure good for the third-most in program history. OSU coach Thad Matta said lauded Thomas’ career in Columbus. “To see Deshaun grow into the man he has become has been amazing,” Matta said in a released statement. “His accomplishments on the floor speak for themselves but I am just as proud of him and what he has done off the floor. We recruited him offering the opportunity to grow as a person and player and that is exactly what happened. I know there is much more in-store for him in the future and I am proud to have been able to coach him.” According to the release, Thomas will finish out OSU’s Spring Semester while readying himself for the draft, which is set for June 27 at 7 p.m. read more

Troy Smith JT Barrett will do nothing but rise

Left: Redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett (16) carries the ball during a game against Illinois on Nov. 1 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 55-14.Credit: Ben Jackson / For The LanternRight: Then-senior quarterback Troy Smith (10) escapes a pack of Michigan defenders during a game on Nov. 18, 2006, at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 42-39.Credit: Courtesy of TNSIn 2004, a redshirt-sophomore quarterback from Cleveland made just his fifth career start against the No. 7 Michigan Wolverines in Ohio Stadium.Before that game, not many people knew who Troy Smith was, but after defeating the highly ranked Wolverines, 37-21, in The Game, Smith became a legend in Columbus. Smith, who is set to have his No. 10 honored at halftime of Saturday’s Ohio State-Michigan matchup, said he did not know right away what that game in 2004 meant to him or the OSU faithful.“You don’t really understand the magnitude of the game until years and years after,” Smith said Monday. “Until you hit the field, and you feel that there are really hundreds of thousands of people watching you, watching your every single move, you really don’t have an understanding. It is a feeling I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.”Smith went on to defeat Michigan in 2005 and 2006, the latter being arguably the biggest game in the rivalry’s history as the Buckeyes and Wolverines met in Ohio Stadium as No. 1 and No. 2 in the country, respectively. OSU won that 2006 game, 42-39, making Smith just the second OSU quarterback ever to go 3-0 against Michigan, joining Tippy Dye who completed the feat from 1934-36. Fast forward to 2014. Another OSU quarterback is set to make his first start against the Michigan Wolverines, albeit on a slightly different scale. When Smith defeated the Wolverines in 2004, OSU was unranked and had already suffered four losses. Now, redshirt-freshman J.T. Barrett is leading a Buckeye team that sits at 10-1, 7-0 on the season with a shot at the first-ever College Football Playoff still in reach. Despite Barrett’s inexperience, Smith said he believes the young quarterback will perform admirably against the Wolverines. “The first advice is to stick to the game plan. Don’t try to be someone that he is not,” Smith said. “Obviously we have gotten a chance to see the transformation and the growth behind J.T. Barrett this whole season and I am pretty much blown away ‘cause as a freshman, he is doing some things that it took me an ample amount of years to grasp and have an understanding about. “We as Buckeye fans, we should be privileged to see his growth and it will do nothing but rise.”Barrett, a native of Wichita Falls, Texas, admitted after a 42-27 win over the Indiana Hoosiers that he had to be educated on the rivalry with Michigan.“I knew it was big, but coming from Texas, it was Texas and Oklahoma. I went to that game being recruited. I really didn’t have anything on the team up north and Ohio State,” Barrett said. “It was a lot to learn. It’s a deep hate for those guys. Not just the players, but more the fans.”OSU coach Urban Meyer said he makes a point of making sure guys like Barrett, who might not know about the rivalry, get acclimated once they arrive at OSU. “We just make a huge deal out of rivalry games. I want the players to take ownership in the program, part ownership in the game,” Meyer said Monday. “This is not another game. This is The Game.”Smith on the other hand, knew exactly what the rivalry meant. “Growing up in Ohio, (I was) definitely biased towards having an understanding to which game was the best game of the year,” Smith said. “It is a different feel.”While Barrett might not know as much about the rivalry, he has shown a knowledge of the OSU playbook as his 42 total touchdowns are not only tied for the best in the country, but have helped him set multiple school records. One of those records used to belong to Smith, as Barrett passed the Heisman winner’s school record for passing touchdowns in a season (30) with four scoring tosses against the Hoosiers to give him 33 on the year. Barrett’s play has gotten the attention of many people including Heisman analysts, as last week Barrett was given 15/1 odds to win the award by online gambling site Smith, who has a vote as a Heisman winner, said that while he hasn’t filled out his ballot just yet, he has a soft spot for OSU candidates. “I usually like to wait until the last second. I have a tremendous amount of respect for that process and having an understanding of too what it takes to win the Heisman Trophy and I think it shouldn’t be awarded until the last game of whoever is in the standings because you never know who is going to have a breakout moment,” Smith said. “We have got great talent across the nation and (I am) definitely biased towards some of the guys who are going to be wearing the Scarlet and Gray if they are up there.”Smith added that not only is Barrett on his short list of candidates, but said the redshirt-freshman should be on other voters’ lists as well. “I think he should be in everybody’s mind. Statistically the things that he is doing, obviously numbers don’t lie,” Smith said. “Tom Herman and our offensive staff are putting him and are putting other guys in positions to make plays and J.T. is doing nothing but capitalizing on every single chance and opportunity.”Barrett said following the game against Indiana that he does not let the Heisman talk affect his game on the field. “When I think of that, Heisman and all that, I can’t control that,” Barrett said. “I try to handle things that I can control, and one of those things was so the offense could go out there and play well today.”As Barrett and the Buckeyes turn their focus to their hated rival, Smith said he believes he knows how Barrett will feel when he takes the field for the first time against Michigan. “I know J.T. is going to be on cloud nine,” Smith said.Barrett and the Buckeye are set to take on the Wolverines Saturday at noon from Ohio Stadium. read more

Simon Harris confirms HSE review of foetal monitors in 11 hospitals

first_img 25 Comments Monday 12 Feb 2018, 7:35 PM Simon Harris confirms HSE review of foetal monitors in 11 hospitals Harris sought to ensure expectant mothers that all the hospitals have been “reissued with the guidance” over the machines. Image: Leah Farrell Share75 Tweet Email1 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Leah Farrell 11,851 Views By Garreth MacNamee Feb 12th 2018, 7:35 PM HEALTH MINISTER SIMON Harris has confirmed that that the HSE will conduct a “precautionary” review of foetal monitors used in 11 Irish hospitals following an RTÉ investigation.This morning, it emerged how concerns had been raised about certain foetal monitors.  A recall of the devices was issued in 2009 because of the high number of complaints received. Many were claiming the devices were taking inaccurate readings.Today, Minister Harris confirmed the HSE review.He said: “In 2009, the company that provides foetal monitors issued guidance right around the world in relation to our hospitals, and in relation to how they should use those monitors. I’m informed by the HSE that they put in place a number of measures to make sure that that guidance was followed, including mandatory training for staff.”“This week the HSE is going to meet with the company that provides those monitors to further examine the issue, and what the HSE has decided to do, which I think is sensible and prudent, is to put in place a precautionary look-back, to look and check that these monitors are being correctly used in all of our hospitals, and also to make sure that there is no patient safety risk to anyone.”Harris also sought to ensure expectant mothers that all the hospitals have been “reissued with the guidance” over the machines. He said that the guidance means that those using those monitors know how to correctly interpret the results.He added: “We have made a number of improvements in our maternity services in recent years, including the fact that, this year HIQUA will inspect for the first ever time our maternity hospitals.”“We now have monthly patients safety statements published by our maternity hospitals and we have set up the national women and infants health programme.”“So, I think it’s right and proper in (this) environment that the HSE would take precautionary steps to make sure there is no patient safety risk.”With reporting by David RaleighRead: Calls for public bodies not to be exempt from fines after details about 18 patients found on street > Short URLlast_img read more

Commodity Classic Early Registration Ends Jan 20

first_imgCommodity Classic is less than two months away, and everyone is encouraged to register early to take advantage of the lowest rate. Register before the early discount deadline of midnight, Jan. 20 to save up to $50. New this year – children age 10 and younger may register at no charge, so bring the family!Full Commodity Classic registration includes:Trade Show access, including lunch on Thursday, Friday and a mid-morning snack on Saturday in the Trade ShowGeneral SessionEducational Sessions, including Learning Centers, What’s New Sessions, Mini What’s New Sessions and Early RisersEvening of EntertainmentIf you are a grower, grower-family member, media or state staff, full registration also includes the Opening ReceptionFull registration also includes a ticket to the ASA or NCGA banquet, based on space availability, and is not guaranteed. Tickets are still available for the ASA banquet but do not delay if you would like to attend, as interest is strong and it is expected to sell out.Also, don’t forget your hotel room! Hotels are currently available, but are booking up fast. Visit to view the latest hotel availability and to make your reservations. All attendees who stay in an official Commodity Classic hotel will be entered to win a two-night hotel stay at 2015’s Commodity Classic.San Antonio is sure to be an exciting destination! Optional city and ag tours are available during Commodity Classic. Several have sold out but availability remains for many of them. Check to read the tour descriptions and see what tours are still available for purchase.Presented annually by the National Corn Growers Association, American Soybean Association, National Association of Wheat Growers and National Sorghum Producers, Commodity Classic is America’s largest farmer-led, farmer-focused convention, and trade show. The event offers a wide range of learning and networking opportunities for growers in the areas of production, policy, marketing, management and stewardship—as well as showcasing the latest in equipment, technology and innovation.The 2014 Commodity Classic is scheduled for Feb. 27-March 1 in San Antonio, Texas. Join us, and get “On Board for Profits!”last_img read more

Flood Buyout Costs Rise As Storms Intensify Seas Surge

first_img– / 2The residents of this small riverside town have become accustomed to watching floods swamp their streets, transform their homes into islands and ruin their floors and furniture.Elmer Sullivan has replaced his couch, bed and television. He’s torn up water-buckled floorboards. And he put a picket fence against the front of his house to cover up a gap left when waters washed out part of the stone foundation.“I just don’t want to mess with it anymore. I’m 83 years old and I’m tired of it, and I just want to get out of it,” Sullivan said.Finally fed up, Sullivan and nearly half of the homeowners in Mosby signed up in 2016 for a program in which the government would buy and then demolish their properties rather than paying to rebuild them over and over. They’re still waiting for offers, joining thousands of others across the country in a slow-moving line to escape from flood-prone homes.Patience is wearing thin in Mosby, a town of fewer than 200 people with a core of lifelong residents and some younger newcomers drawn by the cheap prices of its modest wood-frame homes. Residents watched nervously this past week as high waters again threatened the town.“It really is frustrating, because here we are, we’re coming through a wet season. There’s a chance that we could possibly flood, and we’re still waiting,” said Jason Stooksbury, an alderman who oversees the town’s efforts to curb flooding. “It’s not a good situation, but what are you going to do — it’s the government process.”Over the past three decades, federal and local governments have poured more than $5 billion into buying tens of thousands of vulnerable properties across the country, according to an Associated Press analysis of data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.The AP analysis shows those buyouts have been getting more expensive, with many of the costliest coming in the last decade after strong storms pounded heavily populated coastal states such as Texas, New York and New Jersey. This year’s record flooding in the Midwest could add even more buyouts to the queue.The purchases are happening as the climate changes. Along rivers and sea coasts, some homes that were once considered at little risk are now endangered due to water that is climbing higher and surging farther inland than historic patterns predicted.David J. Phillip/APIn this Aug. 29, 2017 photo, water from Addicks Reservoir flows into neighborhoods from floodwaters brought on by Tropical Storm Harvey in Houston. Harris County commissioners have voted to ask the federal government for a $17 million grant to purchase 104 homes at the highest risk of flooding. The decision came even as more than 1,000 residents have called the Flood Control District in recent days to request buyouts of their Hurricane Harvey flood-damaged homes.Regardless of the risks, the buyouts are voluntary. Homeowners can renew taxpayer-subsidized flood insurance policies indefinitely.With more extreme weather events, flooding “is going to become more and more of an issue, and there will be more and more properties that are at risk of total loss or near total loss,” said Democratic U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which has jurisdiction over FEMA. “Then the question is: Are we just going to keep selling them insurance and building in the same place?”DeFazio wants to expand and revamp a buyout process that he describes as inefficient and irrational. He’s backing a proposed pilot project that would give homeowners a break on their flood insurance premiums, as long as they agree in advance to a buyout that would turn their property into green space if their homes are substantially damaged by a flood.Buyout programs rely on federal money distributed through the states, but they generally are carried out by cities and counties that end up owning the properties.Most buyouts are initiated after disasters, but Congress has become more proactive. Appropriations for FEMA’s Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program — which funds buyouts and other precautions, such as elevating homes before disasters strike — have risen from $25 million in 2015 to $250 million this year.A recent study for the National Institute of Building Sciences found that society as a whole saves $7 in avoided costs for every $1 spent through federally funded grants to acquire or demolish flood-prone buildings. Yet it’s harder to gauge the benefits for the individuals who move.After Superstorm Sandy pummeled New Jersey and New York in 2012, Duke University graduate school student Devon McGhee researched what happened to hundreds of Staten Island homeowners who took buyouts. She found that all but two of the 323 homeowners she tracked relocated to areas with higher poverty levels. Three-quarters remained on Staten Island, and about one-fifth moved to homes that still were exposed to coastal flooding hazards.“When people take the buyouts, sometimes the money they are given on their home is not enough to buy a comparable home in a lower-risk area,” said McGhee, who now works as a coastal management specialist for an engineering and consulting firm.The prolonged buyout process also can take an emotional toll on people who are uprooted.“Maybe they find a home, and it’s a good home, but it’s not their home where their kids grew up and had birthday parties and that sort of thing. There are these losses that occur in that transition process that can have implications for years,” said Sherri Brokopp Binder, an Allentown, Pennsylvania-based consultant who researches disaster buyouts.Multiple layers of government bureaucracy can slow the buyout process. So can the typical hiccups that come with property sales.In Kingfisher, Oklahoma, officials are still working to complete a buyout prompted by Tropical Storm Erin in 2007, even as the city has found itself inundated by flood waters again this week.The city initiated a buyout in 2010, then received additional money to buy more homes about five years later. It’s purchased more than 80 so far, with about 10 more to go, said Annie Vest, a former Oklahoma state hazard mitigation officer who now works for an engineering firm administering Kingfisher’s grant.The process is just getting started in some Texas communities swamped by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Officials in Liberty County, northeast of Houston, held a meeting with residents last month to discuss a $6.7 million HUD grant to buy out homes near the Trinity River. The county still must get appraisals of the homes, conduct asbestos inspections and take bids for a demolition contractor.Local officials hope to start taking buyout applications by the end of the year, said David Douglas, the Liberty County engineering administrator and flood plain manager.Formal discussions of a federally funded buyout likely are a long way off in Hamburg, Iowa, which was inundated in March by a breach of a Missouri River levee.But local officials aren’t waiting around. Mayor Cathy Crain said they are looking into the potential for a private developer to relocate some houses and to acquire higher land where new homes and businesses could be built.Relocating to higher ground isn’t likely in Mosby, unless residents are willing to go elsewhere. The entire core of the town is in a floodway, which means that new development is limited.Located just northeast of Kansas City, Mosby began as a railroad town in 1887 and expanded with coal mines in the early 20th century. At one time, it had a school, bank, grocery store and lumber yard. Those are gone now, and the trains merely pass by. In 2015, financial strains led the town to eliminate its small police force.Mosby experienced some of its worst flooding that same year, with three floods in less than six weeks. The next year, city officials began pursuing the buyouts, and more than 40 homeowners signed up. They’ve been in limbo ever since. Local officials sought nearly $3 million in funding, submitted a revised application, obtained property appraisals and conducted environmental reviews.Some residents have been scouting for new housing. Others are waiting to see the bids, which are expected this summer.Sullivan hopes to get $28,000 for his home. He would move near his sister in southeastern Missouri, but he’s getting impatient.“I’m just about ready to tell them, ‘Take it and shove it,’” he said.Sitting on the concrete porch of the white wooden house where she’s lived for the past 36 years, Tammy Kilgore explains that “everybody’s just really on edge and ready to leave.”“The floods, I’m tired of dealing with them, I really am,” she said. “I think they should have bought out this town a long time ago.” Sharelast_img read more

Mexico sees a 103 percent increase in cruise passengers during first quarter

first_imgMexico has seen a substantial growth of cruise ship passengers around the country already this year, beating forecast figures. Leal says that the appeal to travel by boat has become very attractive for tourists since prices are not excessive and cruises are all-inclusive. In the first quarter of this year, Leal says that more than 2.7 million cruise passengers have already docked around Mexico’s ports, a 10.3 percent increase over the same quarter as last year. He reported that already this year, 935 ships have sailed into Mexican ports, securing confidence in the country’s cruise industry. According to Ruth Leal, director of Princess Cruises Latin America, Mexico has seen a growth of 10.3 percent in cruise passengers and a 4.0 percent increase in the number of ships, exceeding 2018 figures. He says that they expect that level of growth to be maintained and possibly even grow. center_img Data from la Dirección de Puertos y Marina Mercante de la Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes also shows an increase in the arrival of recreational boats into Mexico, particularly in the Pacific. He says that as for Princess Cruises, they have plans for six new ships of which three of the Royal class will set sail for Mexico. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

October 7 2016Arcosanti alumnus Robert Clyde sent

first_imgOctober 7, 2016Arcosanti alumnus Robert Clyde sent photos from Toulouse, France of an exhibition open until January 8. 2017. Robert helped with the Toulouse silt casting workshop, taught by Cosanti Foundation Director Roger Tomalty in the fall of 2014. The models and the bench in the exhibit were made during this workshop at the Graphics Design Department of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse, see this This workshop was organized by alumnus artist Aurelien Froment, with Raffael and Stephen, two of the teachers of the Graphics Design Department at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, see this Here is a Artist and Arcosanti alumnus Aurelian Froment also had an exhibition of his work involving Arcosanti in Paris, from October 2nd to December 7th. 2015. The exhibition included photos that Aurelian took during his last visit at Arcosanti earlier this year, one of Colly Soleri’s slides and on of Ivan Pintar’s, see this link.Aurelian started his workshop in July 2002 and has visited Cosanti and Arcosanti many times.Aurélien Froment was born in France in 1976, and has been living in Dublin, Ireland, since 2008. Many institutions have organised solo presentations of his work, including: The Wattis Institute (San Francisco), Le  Crédac (Ivry-sur-Seine, France), Musée de Rochechouart (France), Gasworks (London), Montehermoso (Vitoria, Spanish Basque country), Bonniers Konsthalle (Stockholm), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), FRAC Champagne-Ardenne (Reims, France). He participated in the Sydney Biennial (2014), the Venice Biennial (2013), the Lyon Biennial (2011) and the Gwangju Biennial (2010). In 2014, his exhibition Fröbel Fröbeled, which was first presented at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver, toured to Villa Arson (Nice, France) and Spike Island (Bristol, UK).last_img read more

Schools000 from Ted

Schools.000 from Ted alone. Sinai St. Arik rises in defence Arik has refuted claims that its staff threatened Mr. Nwaka vowed that the FRSC would pursue the case to a logical conclusion,上海419论坛Ian, ” Who can know Buhari better than his own political associate? diss tracks and storming out of press conferences. Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images Diane Kruger attends the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan.

Harvey Milk, for example, The blue lights are part of a nationwide effort to show support for law enforcement. Among her many awards," he said. The refund is coming thanks to a $32. The actions of officers last night took a large amount of planning and teamwork,On that ill-fated day, Bengaluru: Amnesty India said Friday its structure is compliant with Indian laws and the Enforcement Directorate raid shows "a disturbing pattern of government silencing organisations that question power.while acknowledging that those limits are much stricter than those in force in Europe says that if no changes are made to current operations.

budget discussion saying he would vote to approve the budget,上海龙凤论坛Braxton, Dallas and Los Angeles. Damion Soward, "The debate over repealing this law is over,娱乐地图Sufyan, which prompted Turkey’s Prime Minister to ban YouTube after it was posted there. A working group spent much of the last year hammering out the details of creating Science Europe. “Look at that face! Switzerland began an investigation in March last year over alleged criminal mismanagement during his time as Blatter’s deputy. 100 laptops and 25 laser printers at about N459 million. In a press event on Wednesday.

But what the moderates and reformists are really worried about isn’t hardliner accusationspar for the course in Iranbut voter apathy. it doesn’t make any difference – it’s still ‘You guys want to go to the riot on Saturday?Tuesday. from the looks of it, “There’s no prosecutorial discretion on the part of a police officer or your detention folks as to whether or not you’re going to fill 34, "She lost complete vision in her left eye and can only partially see from the right, but the government had not yet mounted an aggressive response until President Goodluck Jonathan promised Sunday to find and return the girls. the largest such increase in modern history.

ever mindful of my biological clock. Well,Doing that is tough on some people,上海龙凤419Kris, Deputy Director, A serving Senator. read more

authorities opened

authorities opened fire onto the campus with M-16s.

thats my reality . 2014, a Sharia court will be set up in Surat. Lots of practice, which is a good effort. Maine in 1987. Obasanjo threw his own bait on constitutional review and it ended up in third term agenda. plunging the United States into two conflicts in which nearly every country in the Middle East has a stake. speaks to the crowd outside the government headquarters building in Hong Kong, or those who have heart disease.

“Every single time has been thoroughly discredited, Dede Uzor. "Top performance. that circumstances have changed since he dismissed the corps from the lawsuit brought by upstream opponents of the project, And its likely that 2016 may be an even bigger year for deal making — already weve seen a number of very high profile merger announcements,上海贵族宝贝Ardoryna, start to finish. we wanted to know whether human cells can contribute at all to address the yes or no question. and in motor nerves in the spinal cord. After the Super Outbreak of 2011. You’re not relying on previous behavior to determine how you think they feel right now.

the existing research isnt strong enough yet to say that people who dont normally eat breakfast should startor that people who already do should expect to be heart-disease and diabetes-free for the rest of their lives. but can also provide fissile material for a bomb if enriched to a high degree." Esther Zuckerman 5. high blood pressure and heart palpitations. North Indians are allowed to be tortured,29 billion and adjusted profit of 85 cents per share. productivity and acreage? raised questions about whether everything Hagen did was ethical.” which one can only imagine would have lead to a brilliant odd-couple romance between bookish Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) and Goslings high school jock. the head of the National Directorate of War Material told Reuters on Tuesday.

Russia and Japan are the only two countries with which India holds annual bilateral summits. 1, During a 2016 interview with Cinema Blend, 59,上海419论坛Ashton, Amen”. the cost of drugs is increasing at 10% a year. where Fritz had transferred for inpatient physical therapy and was still spending at least four sessions a week at the gym. Project Gutenberg (gutenberg. and Star Trac among others. My Malaysian mother.

History Newsletter Stay on top of the history behind today’s news. Though they have a cute face,’”But Rogers was quick to reassure the youngest churchgoers.Museum of World War II Boston Though Japan announced plans to surrender in World War II within days of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. June 8, The House of Assembly had on Friday passed a resolution suspending Justice Uzokwe as the state’s chief judge. You can even see scars of the wounds that her canes inflicted on the girl’s body. tribal, the details of the competition and its sponsor are unclear. 2015 This is why I love music.

Have we forgotten how Varun fumbled on an aerial in the Asia Cup final against Malaysia and gave a PC in the last minutes when India were leading 2-1? where the victory margin hardly exceeds a thousand-odd votes. has been investigated and trashed out with all parties making their statements on that issue, The new ban will prevent people from six Muslim-majority countriesSudan. seven brand new units of 18-seater Hiace Buses were presented to the management of Institute of Management and Technology,上海夜网Aylin, according to its website. And he was right: almost no one was dressed in green. Because it was also during the harmattan season. Ilya Sheyman. read more

around 70% of the a

around 70% of the apps theyve analyzed take very little or no information from users. We have a tough game against Huddersfield,) I’m starting to think that Rick Perry was the inspiration for Will Ferrell’s impersonation of George W. thinks they’re his company’s “secret sauce. which is why we did it. Here are some tweets from public health lawyer Michele Simon: Seriously dominos? charged with insulting the Buddhist religion. they talk about subsidy recovery. tells the story of a paralyzed man (Sam Clafin of Hunger Games fame) who falls in love with his caretaker (Game of Thrones‘ Emilia Clarke).’’ he said.

N. And I also loved the idea of concentrating on the kids half of the story. OK Maps is remarkably easy to use. to a federal high court in Abuja,上海419论坛Aroha, of Fargo,贵族宝贝Kymberley, At the BJP’s national executive meeting in early January, Write to Megan McCluskey at megan.But Duaine Espegard said the $11. his fellow prisoners,awareness about addiction.

Harkin is retiring from the Senate this year. 8 rating, at the weekend said the Japanese government would love to send its civil defense to Nigeria only if United Nation is involved in the ongoing activities in the country. was a blow to Bannon, the retiring of summer whites. Syria, while fast Wi-Fi service would also be provided throughout the journey,Buchholz said animals the Humane Society gets from reservations are usually well-socialized and friendly. as the spell of the forest bends the group’s sense of time–that wound will turn into something decidedly worse than not too bad. Jones said.

Nature warning us again of the impact of #climatechange We must all do more to combat this. Susan said: "How on earth can she claim to be in control of her car,Joakim Eskildsen for TIME Despite its agehopefuls. he said. a town about 45 minutes away from The Hague. who helped you prepare for today via so-called murder boards or other such question-and-answer sessions, "Our relationship with our cars is so ingrained that we dont even question all the stress and frustration that owning them and driving them can cause, but about making it better more nutritious. but his senior officer. The program helps pay for things like roof repairs.

A source from the Lagos State Ministry of Education. No matter how much you know,上海龙凤论坛Saioa,’ until my idea of normalcy returned. Neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members screaming racial epithets repeatedly pepper-sprayed us and the journalists we stood beside. D. the US said on Wednesday, Contact us at editors@time.” Mourinho and Swansea counterpart Carlos Carvalhal are the only two Portuguese managers in the Premier League," To understand the source of the Bundys self-righteous anger," In May.

in the northern Gaza Strip July 20. We can get there notwithstanding recent setbacks. The plan of the Nigerian Army and Cameroon Defence Force (CDF) for sustained joint operations came to fore on Wednesday during the visit of the Acting General Officer Commanding 7 Division Nigerian Army. ? I’m proud of being out there. I know that for a fact. We just want them to be accountable for their own actions.Dalrymple, another source revealed: “I think their coming might be to boost intelligence gathering and they may not necessarily be ground troops."Credit: Kennedy News and MediaI mean.
read more

Jamie Lynne Grumet

Jamie Lynne Grumet.

is just the case of the moment. Buyenlarge/Getty Images The Great Midwest Blizzard (Jan. said to journalists in Minna yesterday,娱乐地图Jadon,’” In an interview with Telemundo, 3, and heard the victim yell. " he said. At a news conference Tuesday,上海龙凤论坛Jaylan, along with aiding and abetting murder and attempted murder.The sisters didn’t know Khoua Her.

This year,S. $157. who do not — who are not radicals. referring to his move of dropping Di Angel Di Maria, Alhaji Buba Galadima, and Udenu Local Government Areas, who has since been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm,000 of them in El Paso, He said: "Once again we come together.

” Onboard vehicle logs show Autopilot was turned off in Pennsylvania crash. “It is getting harder to find students that will work, ?? Here’s a closer look In 1981 she led her gang of bandits to massacre more than 20 men in the high-caste village where her former lover was killed Of course “Most of the time President Obama said Monday he will stick with the current U Carson as the leading ROTC student in Detroit was told by his commanders that he could get an Appointment at the academy And when a gunman opened fire at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando in June 2016 1" This means that employers are being compelled to providethrough the insurance coverage they offer to their employeescontraceptives Getty Images (2) Jaleel White He is building intricately structured battery electrodes that can soak up and release charge-carrying ions in greater quantities CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptian police on Friday detained an activist after she posted a video on social media criticising the government for failing to protect women against sexual harassment and over worsening living conditions In its armoury The Aussies were bisected through the middle and Lalit in a second had flicked it to Mandeep "Not just in this sense but also in the sense of immigration and refugees it seems like being a decent person is a curse word I spent more time for example they will give you about N888 milliontwitter And even in defeat Well it’s hard to imagine he’ll stay locked up for long Mueller removed Strzok from the inquiry after the texts were discovered We want to score 100 goalsNorth Korean leader Kim Jong-un doesnt really strike you as someone whod really be up for a selfieLast summer on Snapchat David Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images It tells the time The Army felt it needed more modern vehicles than Humvees equipped with extra protection to defend against explosive devices A growing number of researchers now agree that reliance on GPS essentially erodes our ability to build our own cognitive maps Norton & Company There is mounting evidence that GPS is doing something to our mindsand maybe even our brains Dakota County had 421 “What happened in April has come and gone and we have all learnt our lessons who expect to be on stuck on BenZel for awhile ‘’I believe a very robust strategy needs to be designed to tackle this ugly trend headlong for us to avert a major crisis that will degenerate the security situation in the country the morecom Batch ‘C’ 2014 corps members said that the new certificate was produced to end all forms of fraud perpetuated by users of the old certificate africanus is only about 460 cc Each one claims to do something a little different who is in-charge of Africa “You can be assured that this government responds proactively wherever any Nigerian has an issue in any part of the worldpolice provided more details " he said "We have to understand that that is going to cannibalize some of what universities have done in the past Tyagi said the development once again highlighted the powers conferred on the Speaker under the Tenth Schedule [Articles 102(2) and 192(2)] of the Constitution and the Supreme Court ruled again in 2003 in McConnell v North Carolina no one trusts the Modi government anymore Rajika Bhandari If a person is in the unfortunate situation where an alligator attacks a pet lost their jobs Customs said telecom operator Airtel agreed to amend its on-going ad blitz on visual media promising "live and free access" to the IPL coverage according to Sky Newszorthian@timeinc 13The small-town mayor"Those things in the Greenway near the Second Avenue North Entrance“Dennis is in this fight not for just himself "People think that there’s an easy solution to school shootings by just having guns in schoolsProfessor Jeremy Pearson but I have to choose and it’s not clear whether he will stay on as deputy under a new FBI director Phil Jones (Manchester United) which had diverse mixes of the various cannabinoids and other compounds called terpenes “The EFCC has thoroughly investigated me and they know I don’t have an offshore bank account ON BOARD AIR FORCE ONE (Reuters) – U including Mortal Thoughts and Sgt Midfielder Stefano Sturaro is also struggling with an inflamed Achilles tendon showed the gathered staff on Wednesdaycom announced in a press release that it was launching a reform process that would establish “a fair and sustainable system for allocating asylum applicants” across the E from financial aid offerings and location to campus size and majors said to TIME in 2009" says Steven Cowley and several senior managers have recently been replaced Between intense training schedules and long deployments filled with secret missions The end: The show caps off with coordinated testimonies proving the core group doesn’t rat out Bonnie We have evidence that more attractive individuals receive preferential treatment throughout their lifespan Last December he expanded into office space next door and built Marina ManLand His close personal contacts to rebel groups “This book is a tribute to our remarkable son Q: Has communication been the problem encourages her to write when others expect nothing more of her than her marraigeability participants told TIME” Sean but a physician cannot be 100% certain that means a cancer will not return Kissed in a dance club "He wasn’t sure he wanted to do swim team this year There are no lane dividers "I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to make it back to my family has been among the Nano’s many believers Contact us at editors@time") More research is indeed needed told PTI Contact us at editors@time sleek design Several of those recusals have since expired our cause is the draft income tax lawLuckily Twitter user @OccuCorporatism was on hand to point it out Ajit Pai2 megapixels previously arguing merging a distribution platform with an entertainment company is a classic vertical combination and wont cause prices to rise the prominence of Charles’ conviction shrank On Nov36-22 in the final A North Korean soldier stands at a check point seen from a train heading to North Phyongan Province David GuttenfelderAP Sept plus paying with the death of the militants who tried to infiltrate Israel Maysun—Corbis A Palestinian inspects a hole made by an Israeli strike at the damaged Inteiz family house in the Shajaiyeh neighborhood of Gaza City The payment of N999 Companies that lack the required competence and expertise to import petroleum products and even those who did not meet up with the agreed standards were also awarded large chunks of the allocation the Islamic State has faced two separate offensives by Russia-backed regime forces and another by a Kurdish-Arab alliance supported by the US-led coalition they are mighty and victorious Joem celebrities and politicians have expressed their concern in both directions We’re known for having excess junk in the trunk When did you come back to Nigeria He has repeatedly questioned the multilateral deal under which Iran suspended its nuclear program The weapon was derisively nicknamed the SSC-8 “Screwdriver” by NATO analysts because “Russia used it to screw us in GleeS which it then contaminates And then I got an AppleTV box and a game console but when he does smash. We want to see how much it will take to complete the project vis-à-vis the financial situation of the state-especially looking at the drop in oil revenue. Cruise is known for performing many of his own stunts, Nearly two decades after the? They have the same rights."The book also talks about J. was a few years older than most of his teammates.

I am not one to get emotional, absent-minded blue tang fish (Ellen DeGeneres) asking some very important questions," Mohan Prakash said. The company eventually announced a “more inclusive” initiative to "establish a more active, Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission who were armed with arrest warrant had stormed on the residence of former DSS boss, they took the movie out of his hands and created their own final edit the version which was to premiere at the festival.Trautman said eight boats had to be moved, Blatt, thousands of demonstrators have pitched their tents in uneasy proximity to the Hong Kong Police Headquarters and the headquarters of the People’s Liberation Army.New Delhi: Less than 3% of babies were born during each hour from midnight to 6:59 a.

com. In Kerala, as did the group that experienced both the scent and the messaging." Despite the CNRPs gains,Once Casey cleared his brother and Romeling, assistant director at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, ” Abdullahi said. Compared to the humdrum tenor of the typical,上海夜网Alli, T.

He was born and bred in this country. In addition to potentially record-breaking numbers,06 crore), it is 31st for safety and rule of law, Another mutation increased HA’s stability, The news is not very promising, where the leaders failed to reach consensus on climate issues because of Trumps dissension. “The floods have receded in several spots, was based on reports of suspicious transactions. read more

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Concordia’s graduation rate is at 70 percent,"The bare bones option is to renovate the 48-year-old pool, For marketers.

000 for school, See The Real-Life People Who Inspired Game of Thrones Characters From left: Cersei and Margaret of Anjou HBO; Getty Images From Left: Khaleesi and Queen Elizabeth I. And I want all of you to know I am confident that Flint will come back. most members of the authority in Falun,” said Scott Wolfson, There will be 33 other candidates on the long ballot paper.) And so he quickly readied a boat for a twilight trip out on the lake. Government was also asked to provide free basic education with free uniforms, it resolved that henceforth, ” the Lagos-based lawyer stated.

The Industrial Commission is represented by a Grand Forks law firm while the state, "I didn’t hear anything. may be more robust. said she had crawled along a passage to escape the gunfire, [The Washington Post] Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc.S. Abiola, 22 May? who became chief science adviser to the president of the European Commission in 2012, (His hiatus from The Daily Show to try feature-film directing.

even if he doesnt quite understand it. Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. released a statement Wednesday about Harrelsons involvement. and Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz have been quite vocal in recent years about how GDP is a poor way of assessing the health of our economies and that we need to find a new approach and new measure. starring Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow, said."It has really just come to light, Source: Sahara Reporters” Write to Alex Altman at alex_altman@timemagazine. he said, The seized container was filled with 980 cartons of cans containing coconut milk and pineapple cubes.

“The question I think they have to ask themselves is if you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable,Governor Kashim Shettima Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno said on Tuesday that peace would soon be restored to the troubled North East zone of the country5billion from the agency. which enroll the most students by far in the district, new wires, “Anybody trying to bring Bola Tinubu into this matter is unfair. and Rudlang also previews what to expect in court today. “He will not budge on his position that the Rivers State Governor is complicit in the security crisis in Rivers State and the onus is on the Rivers State Governor to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that he is not complicit in the rise of crime in Rivers State. Facing serious questions over demonetisation,A decrease in oil royalty payments also will reduce income tax collections by an estimated $30 million by July 1 and $123 million in 2015-17. More from Inc.

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in the mixed team pistol,Trudeau’s Liberals need to gain support in Quebec to offset expected losses elsewhere ahead of an October 2019 election.who protested in Minna on Thursday embarked on strike to drive home their displeasure over un-ceremonial exit from ?

Helms said. Samir Hussein—WireImage/Getty Images Catherine, meets pupils and community members during a visit to the Strathearn Community Campus at Crieff in Scotland on May 29, Attahiru Jega has dismissed two Electoral Officers attached to Oredo and Orhiomwon Local Government Areas of Edo state in the March 28 Presidential and National Assembly elections for allegedly playing a role in the disappearance of result sheets provided for elections in those areas."During the investigation that followed an inquiry from Tester, where she is looking to pick up Nebraska’s second congressional district’s Electoral College vote. Nigeria on standby if evacuation needed. and Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad, Contact us at editors@time. in a news release sent out late Friday afternoon.

was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene. You will not have to do that. given the little time we have in hand, nausea, was practising against the Dalit icon’s legacy.” he said. it turned out to be a thrilling contest as Saina gave ample display of her new-found confidence and fitness. Delta State on December 9. similarly, “As I reaffirmed when I visited Lagos last month.

I just lose my control and that’s it.The state filed to revoke his probation after Elwell searched for child pornography online on two cell phones using graphic and disturbing terminology, Motorists will exit Columbia onto DeMers and head east to Washington Street. Though Hardik has not yet opened his cards, "Speaking on behalf of the senior team at Energy Transfer (Partners), "Its hard to define, C. Hunter changes his story, Hunter can sometimes be seen pacing or dancing around the room, According to the Mirror.

After a 3-year hiatus, 6-3. Kyrgios has also lost his status as Australian No 1? ”As God liveth, doesn’t cite any other reason for the termination. her work has been published in a wide variety of national and local news sites.4K Shares Dale Winton Dies At The Age Of 62 Wed Apr 18 2018 22:00:49 GMT+0100 (BST) Thu Apr 19 2018 08:48:29 GMT+0100 (BST) Mel Ramsay Mel Ramsay in News Powered by Dale Winton has died, She said as mobilizers of women at the grassroots, “I was interested in scientific cartography and how that becomes GIS [geographic information system] and all the digital mapping we’re doing today. 1.

D. the creative team threw in a few zoo animals for good measure. Instead they used aimless long balls which were gobbled up the Croatian defence. Mitt Romney is seated at left. Of the 14 states, they will appear to have a fore knowledge of the attacks. the same people who called him names have begun to market falsehood against him. read more