The chain you only for the homepage

in the middle stage of website development, small is that it should not make the site only one home entrance, and the need to build three to five or more entrance. And each entrance should be deployed with site theme related keywords, this ranking in a web page at the same time, our other entrance for example column page, also can get good rankings and weight. And this time we need to go to the website to improve the weight by some external force, let spiders crawl, outside chain will play a crucial role. And at this time there is no need to send home too much the chain, because the effect would not have so much influence early. read more

The 404 page analysis of website right down

A5 seen in many posts mentioned, check the website dead links, has not thought of the website after the previous link all of the existing page, this is the coagulation of their own negligence, but also a lesson to write to it, but also as one of an experience.

I say website, how to quickly restore weight, updated daily articles + the chain resources adequate and stable, in fact, coagulation self feeling, better than the blog forum, at least will be much better in terms of stability. I registered a member in the school on behalf of the Internet recently, in the beginning stages, can bring signature links, but now the website program revision, take the signature, which is directly blocked the chain resources, these factors we need to be taken into account, the chain is widely used the forum, but do the fine strong chain can consider the blog, at least in the blog, there will be some of you delete the module. One aspect of stability also appears to influence weight in Shanghai, in the process of exchange Links many of our friends, I finally say, "don’t put off the link Oh", is actually very tired from the link > read more

The optimization of network marketing is everywhere

forum to promote from the perspective of the blog promotion From the marketing point of micro-blog

there is no doubt that whether the maintenance of personal independence blog or the third party blog, all cannot do without the update, soft writing. In weight, third party and independent blog blog can not be mentioned in the same breath, but in optimization, need high quality readability, and timing to the update, increase the keyword in the interior, and related to the promotion of the article reproduced, it is soft, the show is more direct marketing way. read more

Video chain construction method – how to do video chain

2, download video, and then go up, in the video introduction inside with our link, a video is done outside the chain.

chain for a lot of people, I think everyone is send links in a number of forums, but also easy to more stringent management forum titles, so although the forum to do outside the chain most easily, but also has a risk, it is recommended that you do outside the chain of resources must be wide, not limited in the forum inside. Moreover, the chain effect of the forum and also better than we imagined so good. Try some other outside chain you will find that in fact the chain often is very easy to do. read more

To optimize the site title note title

optimization often encounter some new Shanghai dragon does not understand the meaning of this sentence, the interpretation of the four but three, three more than four, two but five "refers to the appearance of not more than three times the 4 Chinese characters keywords in the title, the 3 words are Chinese characters not more than four times in the title 2, the key words in the title Chinese characters do not appear more than five times. If more than words, there may be a search engine that is keyword stuffing, which leads to keywords ranking drop or the website is down right. read more

The website CSS Chinese font links caused 404 pages


small in further analysis, site testing found no death, should not be the site of the problem. To view the web site root directory does not exist Chinese link form, Xiao Bian think to should be in CSS, called Chinese link. This small check CSS, finally found the link.

This article from the Zhengzhou

therefore, Xiao Bian here to remind, encounter problems don’t panic, many problems from the perspective of the source to find the problem, then solve the problem, here to remind the website of Shanghai dragon, or in the CSS website, do not use Chinese form links to 404 page. read more

The real case let you website 5 days out of the noble baby sandbox

wrote this article, until now still a little fuzzy concept; it is right down and sandbox! Many friends will say to distinguish sandbox and right down, the sandbox is mainly aimed at the new station, not punishment; and the lower right is a real punishment action. Access to relevant information and asked some professionals, not only the original sandbox for new sites, it is repeated, that is to say you have a period of time, there are also entered into the sandbox in may. As mentioned above, the sandbox and right down performance are basically the same: a collection of normal, without ranking drop right actually still have ranking, as long as you have the patience to double back may find your connection. If your site is down right, then all your keywords will no exception is thrown to the winds "". One of the most important factors which is the distinction between the sandbox and right down. If some of the key competitiveness of your site can row in front, and most of the other not to query, so basically can confirm to enter the sandbox (coupled with the new words, the nine in ten fell into the sandbox). read more