Atlético’s physical preparation in the quarantine uncovered

first_img“They have sent us work to do at home, with nutritional guidelines and advice at the level of physiotherapy, in case we feel discomfort, we already suffered or appear during this time, to try to minimize all those pains. The work is not comparable to what we do in the field. More in the case of my position, no matter how much I do aerobic or anaerobic, at home, of strength, the first day I arrive and throw myself 80 times on the ground I will have my hips destroyed. But it is something we have. We have been sent a job to minimize these losses as much as possible and, personally, I do an extra job that can be done in this quarantine at the level of mobility, flexibility, stretching … Conditioners that, day by day, do not you can because you don’t have that time. “Methodology“The work they send us is sent to us every week with a series of guidelines. Obviously the goal is not going to be to improve. You can never improve at home as you do on the field, especially with conditions, at the ball level. The objective of this work is to lose as little as possible. Or create a base that does not get lost when we can resume training, competitions. In quarantine, it is possible to work things that cannot be worked on a day-to-day basis due to the time limit, which I mentioned before. Mobility, flexibility, resting muscles … Goalkeepers suffer a lot of impact on the joints, the shoulders suffer a lot in falls. These physical condition bases are the ones that are setting us to lose as little as possible. The dose of daily training makes me not go crazy“ Will the competitions end?“Everyone’s general opinion is that we want to end, compete all we have left to play. Of course prioritizing the health of players and all the people around above everything. “’Professor Ortega’ method, what it is, dynamic work“Personally, the issue of the physical training of the goalkeepers goes further. And I am not with them daily. But Atlético is one of the five best teams in the world and physical training is maximum. It works very well, or they have instilled it in us. Prof places great emphasis on coordination, strength and endurance work. The data on the kilometers traveled by Atlético’s players in games surpasses any team in the world. ” “He Prof values ​​strength because in the end soccer is a contact sport and there are struggles, collisions, rifirrafes, grabs and it is important to have that strength to emerge victorious when you go to crash. It requires not only on a physical level also to have that spark when making decisions quickly, mentally. ““Throughout the Red and White Academy several premises. The first: that the effort is not negotiated. That is to say that you have to run. Without the ball you have to squeeze.”Nutrition“We at Atleti B have a nutritionist who at work level, we have to weigh ourselves every day when we arrive so that Iñaki can take us that weekly weight control, if anyone has to go up or if he has gone up, why … Once a week we have to make the folds: they put caps on us that we cannot overcome since they understand that it is the maximum percentage of fat to render one hundred percent. They provide us with recuperators, proteins, amino acids to train … I take a protein shake after strength training. ““My diet? Eat healthy and varied with a high protein index. At the end of the day if the workouts have been more demanding than normal, or I am more fatigued, I have the amino acids that I take before going to bed to recover faster while I sleep. “Goalkeepers physical preparation, how to work“The goalkeeper position is very different from that of other field players and our physical training is more special, very, very complete. Strength is essential, we expose ourselves that at each exit, air ball, exit with the feet, they will collide us. Another that is, the reaction speed in one-on-one, shots at close range, makes decisions … Also very short action resistance. The actions of a goalkeeper in a game last few seconds““We do strength work prior to training, to improve specifically for a goalkeeper or another, and then on the field, work already focused on technique, what you want to work on, air, feet …”. When three weeks of the stoppage in the Atlético training sessions are completed due to the state of alarm declared by the Government of Spain due to the coronavirus crisis, Diego Conde (21 years old), goalkeeper of Atlético B and regular in first team training, discovers in an interview of more than half an hour with Cristobal Sports Trainning On Instagram (@c_sports_trainning) the rojiblanco club’s working methods during this confinement which will last, at least, until next April 26. Social networks since the date that Atlético suspended its sessions a few days, as soon as they returned from Liverpool, already because of the Covid-19, have been filled with the Atletico footballers doing exercises of all kinds, weights, exercise bike, treadmill, indoors, outdoors, your telecommute stipulate two daily workouts under the supervision of Prof Ortega and the doctor, Dr. Óscar Celada: one is in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Simeone, in addition, gives tactical talks to its players divided by demarcations, with specific videos made together with scouting Xabi Ruiz. Goalkeepers, such as Adán or Oblak, depend on the supervision of Pablo Vercellone, the Atletico coach. Conde, who shares methodology with B, would enter this section. Work at homelast_img

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